Woven Art

Weaving – An active meditation

When I went to a weaving workshop at Hili Studio  I had no idea I would get so hooked into it. Weaving tapestries, in a world where everything is becoming so virtual and intangible, was extremely satisfying. Doing something with your hands, exploring your creativity, turned out to be an incredibly meditative experience.


Section of Fisherman II – With my signature Sparrow bird charm

Meditation doesn’t mean sitting down in lotus poses trying to put your mind in blank. It’s not something that you do, it’s something that happens when you get really into something.

To tune into yourself you can use your breathing,  paying attention to your body sensations, the noises around you, or simply doing something with your body or your hands, like weaving. It comes pretty naturally to children do when they get a toy they can spend hours with. In my case I can spend endless hours weaving, and then produce something that’s actually useful and beautiful too! That’s why I decided to start selling them on Carousell and Etsy.

I also felt that, for the first time in my life, I could design something and make it by myself. End-to-end, without the help of advertising agencies that were always present in my marketing life. This was 100% me, and it was extremely liberating.


Il Bagnio – From the Beach Collection

So I got some yarn… well more like TONS of yarn, and I started weaving. Sparrowebites Lifestyle Hand Woven Tapestries was born! I feel proud of my work but a bit scared of putting it out there, so I hope you like them!

You can find my weaves in Etsy
And also in Carousell (only for Singapore)


My creations

I make woven tapestries to hang on the wall, inspired by nature and my surroundings.  I made my first design on paper, but sometimes I felt like just going with the flow with only a rough idea in my head, it’s an adventure.

I organize them by collections, to make some sense of my eclectic taste.

The Beach Collection
Fisherman Series
Vertical weaves
Scandi Collection

This new craft phase is very exciting for me. Exploring this new territory made me realize many things about personal development. You can read more about it in The Weaving Diaries

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Jellyfish – From the beach collection