A few months ago I went to a weaving workshop at Hili Studio and got hooked into weaving tapestries. I felt that for the first time in my life I could design something and make by myself.  An end-to-end creative process. Without a business objective or the help of the advertising agencies of my marketing background. It was 100% me. It was extremely liberating.


Extract of Fisherman II – With my signature Sparrow bird charm

So I got some yarn… well more like TONS of yarn, and I started weaving. I think my pieces turned out pretty nicely. I felt proud of my work so I decided to start selling it online. Sparrowebites Hand Woven Tapestries was born!

You can find my weaves in Etsy
And also in Carousell (only for Singapore)


My creative process

I make woven tapestries to hang on the wall, inspired by nature and my surroundings. I have quite an eclectic taste so there’s a little bit of everything but I try to organize them by collections.

It all started planning a design on paper, but sometimes I felt like just going with the flow with only a rough idea in my head. Both processes produced nice outcome.


I have always been very creative but in my entire career I always had to rely on others production. That’s why this is a very exciting endeavor for me. Exploring this new territory made me realize many things. Youu can read more about it in The Weaving Diaries

Coming up soon:

Inspiration Story – The Beach Collection
Inspiration Story – Behind the Fisherman Series
Inspiration Story – Mustard and Co

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