About me



I am Rocio Minguez Sparrowe.  I was born in Spain but spent most of my adult life in Singapore. I now live in Ireland with my family.

My career in online marketing developed together with the industry. I started online advertising when it started, in Warner Bros where I worked for 5 years. Then in HP (previously Hewlett Packard) I started working on social media when it was just coming out, influencer programs, e-commerce, e-mail marketing etc.

During my 8 years there I worked in regional and worldwide teams, in demand generation and digital strategy, in content creation for products and services, and more.


I have a degree in Advertising and PR  (specialised in production) and an international Masters in Marketing Management. I actualy started my career in Warner Bros as an intern populating a content management system for the launch of the company’s websites. Aged 20 I was already very organised, able to understand interrelated complex data systems and good with computers.  Once the websites were launched, it was a matter of creating processes to keep them updated and to drive traffic to them, to drive sales. The rest is history.

As a person in the oldest spectrum of millennial bracket I grew up with internet, and it’s only natural my career went this path, but it’s my passion for design and branding that took me here on the first place. I knew quite early in life that this was what I wanted to do. As a child I was fascinated about how artists, designers and brands create pieces that generate certain perceptions making people identify themselves with.  

I am a story teller, a communicator, and a have a great eye for design but it all needs to have a practical purpose. That’s why marketing communications is the perfect fit for me, and it’s like second nature. My work looks polished, clean, with a classic beauty and never sacrificing usability or functionality. I’m a huge fan of nordic design and follow the same principles on what I do. Together with my project management skills,  strong ethics and a coach-like methodology with clients, my skills put me in a position to successfully offers services of branding marketing and design to small companies and start ups.

As a child I used to dance, and as an adult Yoga became my dance. My Yoga practice triggered an mindful awakening that changed my perspective towards life forever.  I discovered a new approach, a new philosophy in life that’s universal. As everything you learn on your approach to Yoga you extrapolate to all other aspects in life. And it’s as relevant today s in ancient times. I was compelled to share these findings with others. That’s why I became I yoga teacher, to spread this knowledge and to demystify the perception about it.  


Design always attracted me, I like to surround myself with beautiful things, but It was not until my 30s that I discovered a way to express all my creativity through woven art. Crafting is a mindful practice that absorbes you and makes you detach from the passing traffic of thoughts in your brain allowing you to rest in a way you don’t even experience when you sleet. Like a meditation. It’s my own mindful practice. You can find some of my weaves in Etsy.


Originally this website started as a Blog but I decided to keep the name of other ventures. During a long medical leave my body was not capable or much but my mind was racing. I started writing. I have a natural ability to digest complex topics, organise concepts and simplify them and make then easy to understand for others. I also loved doing that a bit of humour. Since this site has taken different turns although I kept the name. It became my brand and remains as fresh to me as when I made it in 2014.

If you have reached this far reading about me, thanks! In addition to all the above I can add that I’m an advocate of efficiency, sustainability and contributing to a bigger cause.  I love plants, walks in nature and beautiful novels. I value, honesty,  integrity, respect, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Following your passion doesn’t have to be just one thing. for more of the things I like out can check my Pinterest profile

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WHAT DOES SPARROWEBITES MEAN? The name came up about many years ago. One day my fridge broke down in my shared apartment. I could not let all that nice food I had go bad so I cooked it all in one go, 6 different dishes. Then I invited my friends to come over and eat all my food. I said: bring the drink, I provide the food. It became the broken fridge party. A friend if mine said: ‘You should start a catering company and call it Sparrowe bites, bites by Ms Sparrowe’ (me). I liked the name and I started using it here and there. The rest is history.