About me

Hello! My name is Rocio and I was born in Madrid Spain. I’m an expat living in Singapore. I like to think I’m a well educated, cultured and intelectual woman that loves Yoga, has good taste, an eye for design and sense of humor to entertain.

Even if it doesn’t look like it after the above, I’m really not a fan of self praise and there’s a big side of me that’s an introvert. But here I am, telling you that I’m curious and adventurous and I love to surround myself with beautiful things, in real life or virtually.

WHAT DOES SPARROWEBITES MEAN? The name came up about 7 years ago. I was sharing a flat with a friend and our fridge broke down. It was one of those double door ones and had A LOT of frozen meats in the freezer that I didn’t want to waste. So before it could all get spoilt I cooked about 6 different dishes, and threw a broken fridge party. BYO drinks and please eat all my food.

A friend if mine at the party said: ‘You should start a catering company and call it Sparrowebites, bites by Ms Sparrowe (me). I liked the name and I started using it here and there, in social media and for other endeavours. At the end of the day bites are small pieces of anything. Information, food, thoughts.

IMG_1123A while ago I learnt that 50,000 people a month saw my Sparrowebites Pinterest. What a surprise! And few months later it was 180,000.- So I think it’s official now. I am a collector.  I’m a very creative person. My mind is always buzzing. All those lists, ideas, all those classifications in my head (things I saw,things I liked, things I wanted to buy…) they all found a place to exist there.

Being an expat in Singapore for many years I learnt a lot about Asian culture. That made me embrace many things as mine, and also make my European rooting stronger. I’m quite eclectic and have a tremendous sense of tolerance and inclusion.

I love fashion from an early age. I don’t think it’s superficial. Clothes have a tremendous power to make people feel better.

My mother says that at the age of two I made her pick me up every morning to select my outfit of the day for kindergarten. My favorite was a dress with cherries. A few years later I moved to my own room in the house, and redecorated it. Design always attracted me. As a kid I played around with painting and as a teenager with photoshopping. It was not until way into my adulthood that I discovered a way to express all my creativity and independence through weaving.

One thing I am for sure , I am a story teller, a communicator. Since I was in primary school, I knew I wanted to make advertisements. And I did. For 13 years. It’s second nature to me.

Music and dance had always been a part of my childhood. As an adult, Yoga became my dance. My Yoga practice triggered an emotional and spiritual awakening that changed my perspective towards life forever. I always knew what I wanted and went for it head first, mother says, so with my usual determination I quit my corporate job and became a Yoga teacher.

I started writing this blog during a long medical leave. That’s when realized I have A LOT to say. I wanted to share with others not just my collections but my opinions, views and conclusions on different topics.  I wanted to be insightful but also entertaining, and never condescending.  Having pretty high marketing standards it takes me very long to finish a post but I still try even if not a lot of people read me 🙂

I like things well done, but I probably should cut myself some slack sometime, take myself less seriously.  I value truth, integrity, respect, tolerance, and diligence. I exercise empathy, diligence, enjoyment and confidence. And I do believe in a cause bigger than oneself. 

Dedicating my time to providing wellness to others is my way to contribute to that bigger cause at the moment.  The faces of my students after my Yoga classes are the best reminder that I’m fulfilling my mission. So I must be doing something right I suppose!

Until next time!