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Maternity leave

Where have I been hiding lately? Some people asked… so here’s the answer: I have been a bit busy getting married, and then moving continents while growing not one but two little humans inside of me. Buying a house, moving to it etc. I left sunny Singapore for ‘not as rainy as people think’ Ireland, with two little buns in the oven and a 40 foot container with our lives for the last 11 years in it.

I can’t wait to write about it but it will have to wait. The marketing the yoga and the weaving the blogging, it will all have to wait until I don’t even know when. I hope I start picking up projects again soon. I will be back. That’s for sure. Until then you can follow a little bit of the progress on my instagram


Weaving is getting serious

Since I left my corporate life I have been very reluctant to do my own marketing properly and practice what I used to preach. I needed a break from it I guess, to take a step back and look at it in perspective, the execution part of it scared me. Attending the photography for social media workshop at The Assembly Hall, gave me just the boost I needed. While I continue being a (nearly) full time Yoga teacher, weaving brings my peace to my mind and joy to my customers, so I decided to create a new Sparrowebites Lifestyle Instagram account to dedicate it fully to my weaves and tapestries. A small step for humanity, a huge step for me!

We built a school in Nepal!

Last year I ran a series of Family Charity Yoga classes to raise funds for my friend Gavin McCormack’s project to build a school in Nepal. It was super exciting to see all my students there: the moms, the dads and the kids in one room.

There was lots surprises and lots of chocolate brownies! All neighbours were invited to join, and we had a blast. A total 450$ was raised and donated at Cliveden thanks to the generosity of my students there. The next one at Tanglin Park , raised 500$! Well done neighbours!

Gavin has encountered lots of problems while building the school, but the school is up and running now. He spent his entire Christmas break working on it before his new job as principal of the Manley Montessori school in Sydney. Congratulations Gav for the accomplishment of this Herculean task and for the new job!

See you all this year in Family Yoga charity classes! Because he’s not stopping there. There will be more.



My name is Rocio Minguez Sparrowe. I am an expat lady from Spain living in Ireland (earlier in Singapore) After a long career in digital marketing I became a Yoga teacher in October 2016.

“You are just doing your part to make the world a better place” (Said by my friend Laura)

I am Yoga Instructor, Sound Therapist and a mindfulness advocate, but I overall consider myself a non qualified Lifestyle Coach. I love helping my students understand the body mind connection and show them how that awareness, empathy, kindness can help you be happier. At work, with personal issues, domestic issues, or everyday troubles and stress.

I’m also believe that what pleases the eye pleases the soul so I love beautiful things that spark joy (yes I have been a Marie Kondo fan way before the Netflix show). I surround my my life with them until their purpose is served and then I let them go, and make space for new needs. The effect this mindset has in my life is so profound that’s why I called this site Sparrowebites Lifestyle.

My mission is to help others live happier healthier lives.

Even if I don’t work on it full time anymore, I thrive helping small business in their marketing strategies as a consultant. Teaching how navigate through the world of digital marketing and creating effective campaigns. Communication is one of my key skills, together with practicality, but at the same time design, creativity make me very happy. Be it in fashion, interiors ir crafts. I pour it all making hand woven tapestries to use as wall hangings.

In these days of digital everything you need to find that thing that really sucks you in the moment. To give your mind some quiet time and to connect with the now through your senses. Meditation comes in many shapes an forms and I would love to guide you find your thing. My favourite form of active meditation actually became the craft of weaving!

Improving your quality of life is about the little things of your every day, much more than the big things. I love to share what I learnt to be useful and also to entertain while at it. When I’m involved, there will always be with great doses of sense of humor!

I’m someone very passionate and creative in anything I do. Also an advocate of sustainability and contributing to a bigger cause.  I like to explore, to experiment and try new things constantly. I like to collect thoughts, knowledge, ideas. Also analyse them and write about them with my conclusions in my blog. My reflections are much nicer when they come out out of my head. As heavy as this can sound all I write is about practice

This is what I do now,  in the future, who knows 🙂

Following your passion doesn’t have mean just one thing.



Rocio in Raffles Place – by Laraninfaunion

  • Yoga– Find where and when I teach, why I became a Yoga teacher, and what’s my philosophy on well-being.
  • Consulting -Marketing is a big part of my identity.  I offer consultancy services for individuals and small businesses. Crash courses on basics and social media. Lifestyle consulting coming up soon
  • Weaving crafts– Where you can see (and buy) my woven tapestry pieces. In weaving I finally found a way to be a creator. To reflect my inspiration and express my taste, with my own hands.
  • The Blog – Where I pour all my wit and write hilarious stories. Always trying to Demystify good taste with practicality and mindfulness.

It’s never a bad time for a positive message so here’s my Pinterest inspiration message board. Have a good day!

‘Rocio’s classes helped me a lot during pregnancy and also to be more relaxed during labour. I really recommend her!’

Cristina Rato

Rocio is a wonderful yoga teacher – she has a way of blending lightness and the more reflective elements of yoga all in one. Her knowledge is strong is she has a way of helping students to get the most out of their practice. Highly recommend her!

Nagmeh Hatami