Hello! Welcome to my site

I am Rocio Minguez Sparrowe. An expat lady from Spain living in Singapore. A digital marketing expert, a Yoga Instructor, and overall a nice person 😉 – I write this blog and also weave tapestries. Sparrowebites are literally the little pieces that make me.


“You are just doing your part to make the world a better place” (Said by my friend Laura. My fave American married to an Irishman).

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m someone very passionate and creative in anything I do, but I thrive helping others and contributing to a bigger cause. This is what I do now,  in the future, who knows 🙂


I am adventurous. I like to explore, to experiment and try new things. I also like to collect. Be it things, thoughts, beauty, virtual or knowledge, ideas. I love to analyse concepts and to write about them. My reflections are much nicer when they come out.

I want to share what I know. To be useful and also to entertain! Have a look at:


Me in Raffles Place – by Laraninfaunion

  • The Blog – Where I pour all my wit and write hilarious stories. Always trying to Demystify good taste with practicality and mindfulness.
  • Yoga section Find where and when I teach, why I became a Yoga teacher, and what’s my philosophy on well-being.
  • Marketing is a big part of me. It’s in everything I do. I offer consultancy services for individuals and small businesses. Crash courses on basics and social media.
  • Weaving – Where you can see (and buy) my woven tapestry pieces. In weaving I finally found a way to be a creator. To reflect my inspiration and express my taste, with my own hands.

This is what I do now, but I’m always open to learning and trying new things. Jump and deep until you hit something that wows you. And it doesn’t have to be only ONE thing. That’s too boring for me 😉

It’s never a bad time for a positive message so here’s one of my Pinterest boards. Have a good day!

‘Rocio’s classes helped me a lot during pregnancy and also to be more relaxed during labour. I really recommend her!’

Cristina Rato

Rocio is a wonderful yoga teacher – she has a way of blending lightness and the more reflective elements of yoga all in one. Her knowledge is strong is she has a way of helping students to get the most out of their practice. Highly recommend her!

Nagmeh Hatami