Hello! Welcome to my site!

I am Rocio. An expat lady from Spain living in Singapore. I have a long past in digital marketing, but I now teach Yoga, write this blog and weave tapestries. Sparrowebites are literally bite size pieces of me.

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“You are just doing your part to make the world a better place” (Said by my friend Laura. My fave American married to an Irishman). I’m someone very creative who likes to help others and believes in a bigger cause. I couldn’t have said it better myself!


 I like to collect. Things, thoughts, beauty, knowledge, ideas, and I love to write about them. My reflections are much nicer when they come out. I write them to share what I know and also entertain! The same goes to my Yoga classes.  I hope you enjoy them and find them both funny useful.


Me in Raffles Place – by Laraninfaunion

  • The Blog – Here I pour all my wit and write hilarious stories always trying to Demystify good taste with practicality and mindfulness.
  • Yoga section Find where and when I teach, why I became a Yoga teacher, and what’s my philosophy on the entire thing.
  • The Shop – Where you can see (and buy) my woven tapestry pieces. In weaving I finally found a way to be a creator. To reflect my inspiration and express my taste, with my own hands. 

There are some testimonials from my Yoga Students at the bottom. I honestly don’t know how to remove them from here.  I’m still trying to figure out how WordPress.com works.

It’s never a bad time for a positive message so here’s one of my Favorite Pinterest boards. Have a good day!

‘Rocio’s classes helped me a lot during pregnancy and also to be more relaxed during labour. I really recommend her!’

Cristina Rato

I started taking Yoga classes with Rocio shortly after I had my third child. At that time I needed to calm down and relax.  I first attended postnatal class with other mums and sometimes also with my baby.  Then I moved to her normal classes, without the baby, as I need some time to myself. What I love from Rocio’s Yoga classes is her great knowledge about Yoga,  which allows her to “adapt” the classes to the different situations and individual needs. She’s very versatile, and has a great connection with children.

Teresa G