Inspiration Story – Fisherman collection

This is the inspiration story behind my hand woven tapestries from the Fisherman Collection that you can find in Carousell (only in Singapore) and Etsy. When I decided that I will start to sell my weaves I had to get a little detached from them, but I’m still very fond of them of course.

This posts help me get over it  and record some nice memories of my times by the coast in Ireland, where the inspiration came from.


Detail of Fisherman II


The Fisherman collection was born with the intention to make 3 pieces that will hang side by side. The shape of the composition was inspired by this piece I found on Pinterest, but it actually took its own path while in the making. As usual.

So this is the inspiration… (with a very high quality studio photo)


And this is the end result… (taken on my guest bedroom with my phone… I promise to take some better photos soon)


Behind the scenes

This project started right after my first weaving workshop at Hili Studio. Before I even finished my first piece I was already thinking of what to make next. This time it had to be something more practical than the first one, something you would hang in you living room.


I have a navy sofa so I decided it will have to include highlights of navy. It will be structured and intricate. Geometrical but at the same time rough like the tools the fisherman uses. The ropes and the nets inspired the yarn selection.

Fisherman II int he loom with my drawings of the composition on my notebook



Firsherman III on the loom, about to be closed.



Fisherman I – Testing the placement of the merino roving piece


A fisherman life

The Irish coastline is raw, wild, brutal, and incredibly beautiful. It makes you feel very small and powerless, and it makes you admire A LOT the people that go out there every day. Fishermen, coastal guards, and casual swimmers. The water is 12 degrees all year round and the blow of the winds is merciless.

Image result for irish fisherman


Related image

The ropes and nets of fishing boats inspired me to chose the colors and textures of this weave. But I wanted to keep it neutral, and only add the dark navy of the sea in the middle of grays beige and browns.The fringes had to look a bit like the mustaches of seasoned Irish fisherman and the knots a bit like the famous fishermen cable knit jumpers you can see all over the country. (Don’t miss Steve McQueen rocking a cable knit jumper below)

Related image

Image result for irish fisherman

Related image









Steve McQueen rocking a cable knit sweater.


Dunmore East – Ireland

This is the beautiful town of Dunmore East. In Ireland they love to show you only photos of the one sunny day they had the entire year, so it’s hard to find one to show the roughness I’m talking about.

Image result for port dunmore

Related image

Dunmore East Fisherman Harbour

Last time I was around here, My Lovely Boyfriend (now Fiance!) The Troglodyte, decided to go for a swim at 6am to make the most of the jet-lag. It was August. I was wearing winter clothes.

‘Irish men a rough and tough’ I thought. ‘This is where they learn to swim!’ – My sunny Spanish suburban swimming pool, seemed like a very indulging place all of a sudden. I used to roast myself for three and a half months a year, 18 years of my life.

But in Ireland when the sun comes out the magic happens. It does happen often, It’s just that it doesn’t last for long. The place just glitters when the rays of light reach the wet fields. You lie down on the grass, and see the 50 shades of green that make this the Emerald Isle.

It’s so incredibly beautiful that it makes you cry. It looks a bit like this but it doesn’t do justice.

Image result for ireland sun rain

Then the breeze blows the smell of the sea and brushes the bushes on top of the cliffs. The seagulls scream and you hear the gust of the next wind blow coming to you, and bringing those dark clouds in the background. Rain again. And it goes on like this.

Image result for ireland sun rain

Ireland is very, very windy. The clouds more so fast it’s mind blowing. When it rains, forget about an umbrella. A long coat with a hood and wellington boots are your best friend.


The Fisherman Collection weaves

This collection has 3 pieces, the two big pieces of the sides are 25x56cm, and the central piece is 17x66cm. They can be purchased separately although they were designed to be displayed together.

They are made of merino wool roving, cotton cord yarn in grey, merino grey wool, shimmery navy acrylic yarn, beige wool with small golden sequin, cotton beige yarn, and fine melange roving yarn in cream with brown and blue strings. They hang on raw twigs from Singapore trees.

You can buy them in Carousell (only in Singapore) and Etsy
For made to order drop me a note to

Afriend of mine came home and told me Fisherman I looked like the face of Popeye the sailor. I take that as compliment. Mission accomplished!

Until next time! XoXo

The Real Popeye (AKA Ron Everett) - | Photographer: Ian Horne -

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