Testimonials from my Clients

Rocio is extremely good at what she does. I rely on her expertise and her skill sets to drive step changes in our digital marketing in SEATHK region. Her innate knowledge of social media, particularly the unwritten rules of making it successful, along with her strategic mindset in planning and project management gives her the edge of turning ideas into reality. One particular instance is on her work for one of our campaigns where she took a seed of an idea, nurtured it and developed it into a full plan that resulted into what is now our platform for engaging social influencers.

Joel Panugayan – HP Global Marketing

Rocio just gets me. She helped me build my brand and expand my business. When I was stuck with my marketing strategy she shaped everything effortlessly making a website that’s 100% me. She’s very professional, responsive and puts a huge amount of knowledge at the service or her clients, making my brand go to the next level and boosting confidence as a small business owner. She’s my brand manager and a trusted partner for me in this journey.

Doramontie Nelleman – Coach and mentor

I co-founded a fast growing start-up, but was stuck on my digital marketing strategy. Where to start? What channels to use? How to optimise my marketing budget? In 2 hours, not only Rocio gave me a teach-in of digital marketing basics, but we also brainstormed on clear creative initiatives applicable to my business.
I have now a clear vision of my 1 year strategy as well as my short term quick wins, through a brainstormed list of pragmatic action points! Thank you Rocio AKA Sparrowebites! I could have never done it without you! I am looking forward to our next marketing consultancy session!

Lili – Co-founder of Kids Camp Singapore