Testimonials from my Clients

I co-founded a fast growing start-up, but was stuck on my digital marketing strategy. Where to start? What channels to use? How to optimise my marketing budget? In 2 hours, not only Rocio gave me a teach-in of digital marketing basics, but we also brainstormed on clear creative initiatives applicable to my business.
I have now a clear vision of my 1 year strategy as well as my short term quick wins, through a brainstormed list of pragmatic action points! Thank you Rocio AKA Sparrowebites! I could have never done it without you! I am looking forward to our next marketing consultancy session!

Lili – Co-founder of kidscampsingapore.com

Rocio is a wonderful yoga teacher – she has a way of blending lightness and the more reflective elements of yoga all in one. Her knowledge is strong is she has a way of helping students to get the most out of their practice. Highly recommend her!

Nagmeh Hatami

I’ve tried yoga over the years with little success. I found it more frustrating than enjoyable and certainly not relaxing. I was convinced to try a class with Rocio and was very glad I did. There’s something to be said for great technique and teaching ability and she has both. But there’s even more to be said for the energy someone exudes and it’s that magic that she brings to class that truly makes the difference.  She gently encourages me to push myself and doesn’t allow my negative comments (I’m too old for this!). I’m stronger for this practice, especially my upper body, and have increased flexibility. This practice has become an integral part of my fitness routine…and did I mention the great music?  I have been converted…Thank you, Rocio!

Mary W

I started taking Yoga classes with Rocio shortly after I had my third child. At that time I needed to calm down and relax.  I first attended postnatal class with other mums and sometimes also with my baby.  Then I moved to her normal classes, without the baby, as I need some time to myself. What I love from Rocio’s Yoga classes is her great knowledge about Yoga,  which allows her to “adapt” the classes to the different situations and individual needs. She’s very versatile, and has a great connection with children.

Teresa G

I am so grateful to Rocio for changing my perspective on yoga. I love how she focuses on the physical learning but also the spiritual side of yoga as well. When I attend Rocio’s class, I feel welcome, valued and respected. Rocio is so passionate about yoga and has a genuine desire to see every one in her class succeed, appreciate their body and embrace their physical capabilities and their inner strength. Rocio gives very good instructions on every posture, explains the benefits behind the postures, makes sure postures are executed properly, and will provide variations of the postures for people with injuries or limitations. I struggled with my balance and she gave me very specific instructions as to what I need to correct and what I need to focus on and I have significantly improved. She is very strong technically but she also makes the yoga class fun. I enjoy every minute of the yoga class and cannot recommend Rocio enough! It is an absolute pleasure to have been taught by such a passionate yoga teacher. She is an inspiration and a fantastic teacher.

Nejla Z

Doing Yoga with Rocio really helps me unwind and relax from my job. I really enjoy it. It’s a great work out and she always adapts the class to my needs. I do group classes as well as private sessions. She pushes me to try new things and It feels great after each session. When I had a slipped disk she also changed the class it to give me relief from the pain and remove the tension. When I asked for relaxing music she was very open to my feedback too. I’m really looking forward to trying the Sound Meditation Therapy.

Juan L

I was never a yoga fan before because it hurt my neck which has been my main problem. But then I met Rocio who is now training me on a private basis so she can fully concentrate on my special needs. Now I look forward to each session and already feel the benefits of yoga. Rocio is truly a passionate yoga teacher and I enjoy our private hour together. She is always ready to help which ever way and I feel she cares about my well-being. Thank you Rocio ❤

Michelle S

Rocio’s yoga classes are fenomenal !!! All her energy and enthusiasm is transmitted through a wonderful hour where you finish invigorated and renovated. She explains the postures and their meanings like no one I have ever seen before and I have really learned so much!! Definitely, her classes are the best and highly recommended.

Ana Borrero

I had never done yoga before and I found that pregnancy was a good moment to start. There are not a lot of exercises adapted to pregnant women. Rocío not only adapted the yoga classes to prenatal, she also personalized them, analyzing the condition of every student in her class and understanding their limitations. Thanks to her I’m know continuing with postnatal yoga, where Rocío still is very focused on us and now also on our babies!

Lucia Duran

‘I have had the honor to practice yoga with Rocío, both in a group setting and in private sessions, and she never ceases to create a relaxing and calm environment.  Rocio is a breath of fresh air and she will enrich your yoga experience.  I have practiced yoga around the world and never have I met an instructor that I instantly bonded with in such a way that makes my practice all that much more fulfilling.’

Laura Barrett