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Even if not full time anymore, I still work as a freelancer marketing communications consultant on an project basis. I worked 14 years of my life in digital marketing, and It’s pretty much second nature to me. I can’t run away! 😉

If you have a small start-up and struggle with your digital marketing and advertising content strategy I can probably help you. In a simple approachable way I will teach you how to navigate the confusing online landscape. Using practical terms (that means no jargon) and showing you can you can connect with your customers in more meaningful ways.



I do this because  I want to help people like Lili grow their businesses and follow their passions. I’m passionate about marketing too. Why me? Because I have the experience, practical knowledge and a natural ability to simply things so that everyone understands. This is an area that’s so new you can’t find much on books or websites.


There’s your website and what needs to be there. Analytics that might not mean much to you. Then how to drive traffic? where to take it afterwards? What about follow up, and email marketing? Social Media, does it drive business? How much do I really need?

And search marketing! Do I invest on Google?

It’s overwhelming I know! Relax. I will review your business and tell you want makes sense for you, and what is just a nice to have.

MARKETING CRASH Course – 90min session – We will narrow down the strategy and brainstorm different tactics you can apply to your business now. Identify quick fixes and learn about your target audience and competition in a practical way

MARKETING AUDIT – (time depending on the scope) – If you do have a plan and some work already in progress I will analyze your strategy and tactics, identify potential walls you might be hitting soon and low hanging fruits you can fix. I will review your creatives and provide detailed actionable recommendations.

If you are an high level executive and want to work on your personal branding online, I could probably help you with that too.

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My marketing background

I always wanted to study advertising, well, at least since primary school, and that’s what I did. Soon it became evident that all direction comes from a Marketing or Communications department, so that’s where I headed because my core is on creative ideas and strategy. Even nowadays, marketing is in everything I do .

I started working in digital marketing when digital marketing started, 14 years ago. First in Warner Bros in Europe, and then in HP Computers Asia and Worldwide. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see my qualifications and credentials on this area.


I quit the corporate to pursue a career where all my effort will go to directly really benefit people. Without unnecessary layers and politics. To provide wellness and happiness. Even as a wellness proffesional I saw myself many times helping fellow Yoga Teachers begin their own private practice. Teaching them the basics of business, customer care, marketing and help them make sense of social media. These are things that do not get addressed in any Yoga Teacher training and leaves many aspiring teachers out of school without knowing where to start.

This problem applies quite broadly to small businesses and start-ups that can’t afford the strategic services of big advertising agencies, or to have specialized marketing staff. Marketing is 50% skill 50% mindset for me, so everyone can learn to “think” marketing.

Thanks it from me. I can’t wait to here your story!

This is some of my latest work in corporate, for HP computers in Asia. It makes me proud, I can’t help it.

See you soon!