If you have a small start-up and you are struggling with your marketing strategy communications and your digital marketing I can partner with you. In a simple approachable way I will teach you how to navigate the confusing online landscape and show you to do it yourself.

I have the strategic experience as well as the ability to design and create online marketing communication platforms and materials, so you can choose how much help you get depending on your budget.


Does your website represent you and serve your goals? Does your logo? How do you drive traffic? where to take it afterwards? What about follow up, and email marketing? Social Media, does it drive business? How much do I really need? And search marketing! Do I invest on Google?

MARKETING CRASH COURSE – 90min session – We will narrow down the strategy and brainstorm different tactics you can apply to your business now. Identify quick fixes and learn about your target audience and competition in a practical way.

MARKETING AUDIT – If you do have a plan and some work already in progress I will analyse your strategy and tactics, identify potential walls you might be hitting soon and low hanging fruits you can fix. I will review your creatives and provide detailed actionable recommendations for your website, social strategy, branding etc.

MARKETING STRATEGY – Small businesses and start-ups that can’t afford the strategic services of big advertising agencies, or to have specialized marketing staff. I will review your business and tell you want makes sense for you, not one solution fits all and you definitely don’t need to do everything others are doing.

BRAND KIT – It includes logo, color palette, fonts, photography style, messaging tonality, key messaging, key selling points, values, ethos. All this will guide the creation of any marketing materials in the future.

WEBSITE CREATION – Your website is the culmination of your marketing strategy that originates from your business strategy, and it reflects your brand. It’s an extended business card that can serve many purposes for you. I will help you navigate through the different website options you have and help you choose the one that’s best for you. I can create the structure or the full site for your business including graphics photography and texts.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Content creation is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and you engage with your customers but it’s a long term commintemt. Many entrepreneurs go to this arena as excited as unprepared and with the wrong expectations. Let me help you set up your social media presence with confidence and looking at the long run, to avoid burn out but still achieve your goals.

YOGA BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS – As a yoga teacher I saw myself many times helping fellow Yoga Teachers begin their own private practice. Teaching them the basics of business, customer care, marketing and help them make sense of social media. These are things that do not get addressed in any Yoga Teacher training and leaves many aspiring teachers out of school without knowing where to start their teaching.

Marketing is 50% skill 50% mindset for me. Everyone can learn to “think” marketing with the right mentor as a partner. Let’s have a chat about your marketing needs.

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