Testimonials from my Clients

‘I had Sciatica during pregnancy and Rocio adapted all the clases to give me options in the postures and gave others specifically to relieve the pain. At the end of the class I always felt very relaxed. When I was in the hospital on bed rest she came over and we did some easy stretches that helped me feel less restless. Now that I have my baby with me she’s going to help me get my plain stomach back, and I know we will get there!’

Laura Martinez

‘Rocio gave me prenatal Yoga classes since the moment I could start to the end of my pregnancy. I also went to Pure Yoga and Como Shambala but I preferred her classes. We did private sessions in her house and mine, as well as group classes. It helped me greatly to stay fit, to feel more balanced, sleep better and relieve my back and my leg cramps’

Carolina Susaeta

‘Rocio promotes a very positive and casual atmosphere in the class. It’s relaxed so you feel comfortable but it’s tough sometimes. I go to her when my pregnant back kills me’

Alejandra Artiguez

‘She explains things very well and helps you get it right. Not just the posture but the benefits and reasons behind it. Also psychological’

Macarena Garcia

‘It’s such a delight to go to a yoga class where they explain things well and show you how to make corrections in your postures. She ensures you get it and do it right!’

Rocio Sobejano

‘Rocio’s classes helped me a lot during pregnancy and also to be more relaxed during labour. I really recommend her!’

Cristina Rato