I am so grateful to Rocio for changing my perspective on yoga. I love how she focuses on the physical learning but also the spiritual side of yoga as well. When I attend Rocio’s class, I feel welcome, valued and respected. Rocio is so passionate about yoga and has a genuine desire to see every one in her class succeed, appreciate their body and embrace their physical capabilities and their inner strength. Rocio gives very good instructions on every posture, explains the benefits behind the postures, makes sure postures are executed properly, and will provide variations of the postures for people with injuries or limitations. I struggled with my balance and she gave me very specific instructions as to what I need to correct and what I need to focus on and I have significantly improved. She is very strong technically but she also makes the yoga class fun. I enjoy every minute of the yoga class and cannot recommend Rocio enough! It is an absolute pleasure to have been taught by such a passionate yoga teacher. She is an inspiration and a fantastic teacher.

Nejla Z