Awaken your Senses – A 2h meditation workshop

– with Nutritionist Tansy Boggon and Yoga by Sparrowebites 

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  • 7pm @ Balanced Living 779 Bukit Timah Rd (Sixth Ave MRT)
  • Duration: 2h – Cost 65$

Meditation is not something you do, it’s something that happens, and there are many ways to make it happen. In this 2h workshop we will explore the use of the senses to achieve that blissful state, through sound therapy and mindful eating.

Logo master 2.pngJoin us @ Balanced Living to experience the benefits of meditation through first hand practice. You will be guided to fine tune your perception in ways you can practice daily on your own.



With the help of the Gong and the Himalayan singing bowls we will take you to a deep level of restorative relaxation, using the sense of hearing and the sense of touch.  The waves of the sound penetrate deep into the body tissues providing an intense feeling of relaxation but at same time they synchronize with the brain waves to switch to a state of awake sleep. This meditative state that comes effortlessly, and allows your body to heal.



Discover how the practice of mindful eating activates all your senses, and be guided through an incredibly immersive experience to quieten your mind and awaken your perception. Sight plays a dominant role in our lives, and is often the prevailing sense in deciding what to eat. Yet when we learn to tune into our body and the pleasure of eating we can rewrite the script that dictates our relationship with food.



About Tansy:

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Tansy is a nutritionist passionate about debunking diet myths, and helping people find a way of eating that nourishes them and that they can enjoy and sustain long-term. She enjoys sharing her philosophy on forming a healthy relationship to food, and writes a regular blog Joyful Eating Nutrition. She also provides private consultations at Balanced Living Asia, Singapore, where she provides nutritional counselling and workshops for people who want to put an end to their struggle with food and dieting.

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About Yoga by Sparrowebites:

img_2278Rocio is the woman behind Sparrowebites. She has been practicing Yoga and meditation for more than 8 years in Singapore. In 2016 she decided to switch careers from marketing to wellness. She is Yoga Alliance Certified, RYT 200h in Hatha Yoga and 85h RPYT (Prenatal and Postnatal). A Sound Thereapist and a Reiki Master.  Her sessions are always different, with a strong technical focus but in a relaxed atmosphere. She believes Yoga is for everyone and that everything in this world that can be simplified for a five year old to understands.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a unique session full of surprises for your senses. Slots are limited!


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