My name is Rocio Minguez Sparrowe, and I’m Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher.  I hold a 200h Hatha certificate and a 85h Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga certificate. Learning never ends for me, so after continuing my education with Arial Yoga, I want to take a Kids Yoga teacher training course soon  Restorative and Vinyasa Sequencied are on the list too, together with Yoga Anatomy. Upgrading to a RYT 500h eventually.



I practiced Yoga for 7 years before turning into my job. Yoga became a part of me, and it flourished in every aspect of my live.

After 13 years in the corporate world of marketing communications, I decided to make a life change, and do something more meaningful.

I find being a Yoga Teacher is a much more rewarding experience. Teaching how to be healthier and happier goes beyond the yoga mat. Giving wellness directly to the people in front of you, seeing the immediate effect it has on them, gets me out of bed every morning.

I have more than 330h of teaching experience at the moment and I’m aiming to reach 1,000 to claim a E-200h Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher certificate from Yoga Alliance. Here’s my latest resume for full details.

Robert Byrne said: ‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose’

To me life is about finding your purpose. It’s about being adventurous, experiencing good and bad with curiosity, enjoying every moment with full awareness. It’s to never stop learning, and about sharing what you learn ti help others.

It’s a humbling honor to sit in front of the room, so I aim to give my students much more than a workout in return. I bring to the class all my professional experience, my life experience etc. in addition to what I learnt in the Yoga field.


My classes keep the aim of yoga at the core: To provide wellness. That means a strong flexible body and a strong flexible mind. They are based on the principles of effort before relaxation. That’s the essence behind cyclic meditation, a technique developed by the Swami Vivekananda Research Institute in Bangalore, where I obtained my Yoga Instructor Certification.

I design sequences that leave you feeling good after the class. You will sweat… but you will leave energized and calm, not drained and exhausted. I teach all sorts of people. Men and women of different ages. Pregnant ladies and new mothers. My door is open for any person that wants to try Yoga because I want everyone to enjoy it.

If you are interested to read what my students have to say look at the Testimonials section. They have been super nice sending me these notes… some even made my cry! #proud

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