How to wear Yoga clothes all day and look glamorous

Dear women doing everything in their active wear:

Finally the world has reacted to the strange phenomena of you walking around everywhere on your sport clothes, like you are on the way to the gym when maybe you are not… Some clever people out there came up with this active wear spoof and it’s a checkpoint charlie.

I think after this we don’t have a free pass anymore. I have to confess I do everything #inmyactivewear, but I’m a Yoga Teacher so chances are I am doing errands before or after my classes.

(SHORTCUT – Cut the crap and take me to the tricks)

That said, this happens to normal people too. Carrying around changes of clothes is a pain and sometimes there’s just no time to change between sports and life. I’m assuming you are not “doing nothing in your active wear” and you do NOT want others look at you this way right? If that’s the case keep reading. I think active wear is great but that’s why I want to draw the line and write this post.

I try to make my active wear (my work clothes) look classy or trendy so I do not look like the women int he video all the time. Even if I have a reason.  I wear active wear all the time and to me there has to be certain degree of style and dignity. AKA Not looking like a clown.

To me my clothes are a way of self expression as much as a presentation card to my clients and students, so yes It’s pretty important  (Isn’t this the third post on the topic? hehehe) Let’s get started.


I’m quite sure this is the Selene Hoodie from Nux. Leggings are Rio Capri from the same brand.

I have had occasions where I really didn’t care, but I had others where I had to be able to disguise my active wear for a social event. I did this simply because I don’t think It’s very elegant to dress outdoors all the time like if you were in the gym. If you disagree, I invite you to stop here and read my post about Menstrual Cups for example 🙂

Once I went to an Embassy party after a Yoga a workshop, and I think I managed to pull that out decently… I think…

Where I come from people don’t wear sports clothes unless you are doing sports. Or at least that was the case until recently. Yes I’m from Europe, not from America. From southern Europe, to make things worse, where fashion matters.  Running shoes with dockers are not acceptable even on an office that has dress down Friday guys. Not even in a start up. There they even have an entire separate hipster dress code but it does not include active wear.

For us in the South of Europe not really acceptable to walk around on your gym clothes all day. Funcional yes, comfortable yes, practical yes, but pretty!? Stylish? Elegant? Makes you look like a respectable person? Really, lets be honest: No.

A few years ago people started glamorizing uneducated people on TV, in their active wear. Giving them so much media attention  has the effect of validating it. It makes sports gear socially acceptable. Tolerance by over exposure i call it, and it’s even made it trendy to some extend.

I’m not talking about the ladies in the spoof of the video. I’m talking about Barbie Fitness. This is a Barbie Fitness. If you actually like Barbie Fitness you can also stop reading here.


Andressa Ferreira (AKA Barbie Fitness): Well done dear, but please don’t go out to a bar like that. Let me guess, your biggest ambition is to eradicate world hunger…

The Barbie Fitness effect

Check point charlie. Don’t call me intolerant before you ask yourself if you would not turn the eyes in shock if you see somebody dress like this in a coffee shop.

There’s an alternative to this. The golden era of Aerobics with those 80s TV stars like Jane Fonda, is way over. And the great news is that the amount of “wearable” street smart exercise clothes that have come out recently is incredible.  It’s actually trendy and you see that’s a very common uniform in Orchard Rd. You don’t have to go on tacky mode.

There’s definitely a boom for Athleisure, so let’s just start stating that you can move from looking like the friends of Vicky Pollard (the hot ones and not so hot ones) to looking like Gigi Hadid very easily.

There’s no need to go all fashion victim on active wear like Barbie Fitness or end up like a Christmas tree of neon Lycra. That’s what I see happening a lot. When Vicky Pollard goes to the gym and wants too look like Gigi Hadid, she becomes Barbie Fitness, or this:


Suddenly the active wear ladies seem like innocent day time comedy. Right?


Jokes aside. If you made it here, thank you. Now I’m going to make a pause and use the chance to promote diversity online. As I was doing my research for this article, I bumped into some things that made me activate my social responsibility mode. Barbie Fitness is not alone. They are a tribe, the are very numerous and they LOVE showcasing themselves in social media. That gives them attention and validation.

Because of this, they end up monopolizing the stereotype of what a good Yogi or a good Yoga teacher should look like.  Extend this to any fitness instructor. To some extent also to what a “healthy person” should look like too.

I will write another post one day about how a good Yogi doesn’t necessarily make a good teacher in , but for the moment let me introduce you to DIVERSITY in the yoga world.

This is Jessamyn Stanley, she recently tried cross-fit and it was really inspiring


This is Bette Calman, also known as the Yoga Grandma.


And this is my dear Lara Chandrini AKA MintYogini


Point made.
Now back to the topic.


Get going all day on your Yoga clothes (with class and style)

Starting point: Leggings Galore

Leggings… where to start.

If you are anything like me you will appreciate the snug hugging sensation. Yes, the one that controls the wobble of the thighs. Also the lack of any sort of tightness or strangling anywhere. The flexible waistband that doesn’t sink into your belly flesh,  that can accommodate food babies, PMS babies and random water retention babies. It’s kind of liberating.

I firmly believe that leggings are made in the woman section of heaven.

No chauvinism here. In fact my friend @talltreeyogi has a superbly manly collection of leggings and pulls them out like a down to earth pro. RESPECT Andy! But they are SO made for women the market is a bit biased.

The biggest shift you have to make is to stop thinking of them as active wear and treat them like if they were skinny jeans. Leggings are very versatile and if you see them fashion items when you buy exercise clothing it changes the game. You think of what can you wear them with in the context of your entire closet. Not just the sports section.

With this in mind you will notice that the planets have aligned, and now you can get good exercise leggings but with fashionable textures and prints. Remove neon from your mind right now unless you like to go to Zumba conventions all the time. Neon is never going to be glamorous (I hope)

Please note that Active Wear leggings are NOT like normal ones so don’t go cheap here. The cut and the material are different (learn more about this in my last post). Liquido Active has variety for both worlds (glam and zumba) but they are Brazilian after all and they have a slight tendency to think of carnival.

When you re-think of what your work out leggings and you look at them as if they were normal pants you will notice there’s room for basics, prints florals, just in a different way. Just doing this will immediately make it easier on the eye to go around all day on your Active Wear.

This could be me, when I was 10. I absolutely adore leggings, and I have been wearing them since the 80s. I had two pairs in primary school, with pink or blue flowery patterns. I wore oversized jumpers on top, and White Reeboks or Navy Fila trainers. I did this for years. Credit goes to my mother of course.

If for some reason you think they are really off you can stop reading this right here and maybe have a look at my funny post about Brazilian Waxing instead.
Now that I am a Yoga teacher, I have a professional reason to wear yoga pants all day, every day, and I just love it. YIPPIE!!! This is part of my Liquido Active collection and even these prints work fine on the glam if you combine then with the right tops.


Mosaic of tiled some of my Liquido Active legging. They are the best because they are buttery soft. Brazilians work Lycra like no other country.

Layer with tops

The key is to layer. Because leggings are so versatile they can be disguised under flowy tops easily. It’s mostly exercise tops that give you away as an active wear fashion victim. Wear a floaty top or jumper over your exercise tank and make sure that’s long enough to cover that infamous Camel Tow. The rule of thumb is that with tight pants you wear a lose top and vice versa. The trashy look is achieved by trying to resemble a neon sausage, hugged in Lycra from top to bottom.

A blouse, a jumper, a light sweater or even a simple and loose v neck white t shirt will do the job, and it will be great with a jacket on top. The next step.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have to make a special mention to the top in the cover.

If you find it (Nux, Selena Hoodie) please email me. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. The entire outfit is great, the pony, the flowery hydrangea leggings (also wanted, Nux Rio Capri) and the peekaboo top. ME WANT!

With clothes like this you have the Gigi Hadid look in a moment, maybe not the body but hey, there’s worse things in life. Like Zumba conventions and barbie fitness.

Add a jacket

A denim jacket, military parka, a motorbike jacket, or a chunky cardigan. All of the above make a good combination with yoga pants that you can wear all day in colder weathers. And the great thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you wear underneath because nobody is going to see that.

If you live in the tropics like me, a cardigan is a must to survive the attack of the killer air con blast. You don’t remember what your mother used to tell you when you were little? Don’t go out in the cold all sweaty. after exercising. Here’s the other way around. Don’t go indoors in the air con all sweaty. You will get pneumonia.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe add a scarf too

If by any chance you still will feel conscious about the camel toe or simple about wearing leggings this is the ultimate trick. Guide the eyes to look somewhere else.

A big or colorful scarf can take all eyes to your neck and away from your yoga pants.  A beautiful scarf makes dress up anything or it can define the entire outfit. Black leggings, black booties and black top? Throw a red or pink scarf around. Print leggings and plain top. A scarf can dress it up.

I don’t need to tell you the use of them in winter, but remember the air con temperature in that expensive shopping mall is always going to be colder than average. Yes that shopping mall we all know, where you need to buy those expensive coffee capsules every week.

Don’t forget the shoes!

You do yoga barefoot, ergo you don’t need to wear trainers. Repeat this 3 times mentally, or out loud if possible. It will help to make it sink in.

Take a deep breath and now proceed to remove the association of yoga pants and trainers. Exercise shoes are optional for your Yoga outfit. If you are American try a few more rounds. Please forgive me, but running shoes are for running. ONLY.

There’s trillions of cool trainers out there these days. They call them street wear, and any of them are going to make you immediately look 10 times more chic than those standard running shoes most standard American seems to have (for some reason I can’t understand). If you have and old pair, maybe it’s time to upgrade and realize that they belong in a Salvation Army box.

That said I do love a sleek cool trainer. I have 6 pairs to be exact. But these beauties below should only be used with jeans or for the gym floor and in case of emergencies like acute foot pain, or heavy rain that will spoil all you other shoes except the Hunters. BTW Wellington boots are actually really cool with leggings – Trainers work on the hipster side, not so much the glam.

Let’s look at other options now. If you are going for the European thing, you will have to follow this and send those ugly running shoes straight away to exile. Now. Resist the trainers temptation and go for sandals, flats, oxfords, booties, and flipflops.

As you can see, leggings go great with all kinds of shoes. Anything works better than trainers, but if you really have to, at least get cute ones.

That’s all folks! It’s really quite simple.

Basically you can combine your yoga clothes with whatever you would wear with skinny jeans. I think it should not be difficult to pull this out, right? If you need more inspiration have a look at my Pinterest album.

Remember that looking like this is really the work a complete team of stylists, make up artists, hairdressers, lighting specialists and photographers. Not just the model.


Agua Bendita – Active Submarine Jungle Collection

In case of doubt, big black sunglasses add 100 glamour points no matter what you wear.

Until next time!



Lululemon top with peplum – Out os stock everywhere unfortunately.

5 plants that will make your house insta-worthy

You can’t open a magazine these days without seeing lots of plants added to any interior design. Plants are beautiful decoration items. They also help you distress (something very important in this day and age) because they make you feel like you are on a tropical holiday.


I just moved to a new place and my aim is to get that resort felling when you walk into the house. That is basically ‘fancy’ for getting lot of plants.

I have not been the best gardener lately so I had to do some research to find out what will be hard to kill and what else do I need to keep in mind when buying plants, beside the obvious aesthetic factor.
SHORTCUT! – If you want that insta-worthy look to be really instant, pick one easy plant from THE LIST and go big.  That means getting a plant that’s 2/3 or even 3/4 of the height of your ceiling. You can always use a stool or a console to elevate it and Boom! There you have it. A statement plant just made your place look more tropical relaxing.


This is a Dracanea. Think Dragon = hard to kill

This could do the job for you, but I have too much balcony space to fill, so I had to deep dive into the whole plants topic. The only plant I have managed to keep alive in Singapore for 8 years has just been nearly destroyed by the movers. Let’s be real, I don’t have a lot of recent experience looking after plants.


So how to ensure I don’t end up spending a lot of money and then killing them all?! With the help of Pinterest and the lovely people that sold me my plants, I got some great tips and advice.

Study the surroundings

Plants in essence need three things: Sun, water and fresh air.  So after you have decided where they will look better, ask your self: How much of those will your plants get?

If your balcony get a lot of rain and sun, do not choose indoor plants. Go for those you see in parks and gardens around where you live. If your balconies, like mine, don’t get much direct sunlight or much rainfall, indoor plants can be used for outdoors. Particularly in the tropics. If you don’t have balconies your watering needs will be more.

The plants on this LIST can adapt and live in both scenarios, that’s why they are easy to maintain (read hard to kill).

Buy smart

  1. Buy second hand plants. They are not delicate babies and they are seasoned (red survivors). Big old plants and very expensive from the nurseries and they might have grown in artificial conditions. Ask the seller how old they are, if they have been under sun rain etc.  With the amount of people that move in and out of Singapore this is always easy. Facebook groups or my beloved Carousell have been a great source of pre-loved plants for me.
  2. Get plants that come in self watering pots for when you go on holiday, or make sure you have a space where they can get rain while you are away. Watch out for the sun. Some plants will burn in a matter of days if they have never been exposed to direct sun. If you have no choice but to do this, make sure you make a gradual approximation to the light. This is the moment when keeping plants starts to sound like having a pet…
  3. Dark corners with no light inside of the house can also have plants, they just need plants that can survive there. The plants that grow at the bottom of the rain forest will like these places as long as they are moist. There’s others on the succulent family that require little light and little water too.
  4. Spray your plants of they are indoors and do not get much rain. It will help them stay clean from dust and keep moist. Some people told me not to water but to spray the plants. I love doing this because it gives a fresh breeze to the house.
  5. Buy local plant varieties that will thrive on the weather. I would like to grow tulips and lavender in Singapore but why would you do that when you can have wild orchids that require ZERO effort and are guaranteed to stay alive for long?
  6. Watch out for plants grown in artificial environment. IKEA for example sources plants in local nurseries, but to make them look so nice for long in those IKEA basements, they grow with artificial light and fertilizers. That makes the plants very attractive. Bright green that’s nearly fluorescent, lush big leaves….but they are not ready for the world.  They might not make if you move them to harder conditions (weather related or simple owner neglect)


Five easy-to-look-after plants to decorate your house

We want a resort like feeling and to ensure they stay alive without putting much effort, right? Here you have them, these are the ones I learn need little care and check all the boxes of beauty and adaptability.

1- Fiddle leaf fig – Ficus Lyrata

It must be trendy plant of the moment. There’s millions of photos of these babies on the internet. Open any magazine and you will see them. Their leaves are thick and leathery. They curl up in a really beautiful shape, like a giant lettuce. That makes them very decorative.


Image by @joyfulfour

The truth is that there are entire two story tall trees of this plant in Singapore. They do well in the weather. For interior use they come in two varieties. The one on the photo above grows like a tree, and the one below grows like a bush. It’s how they prune them when young that makes the difference. The latter one is better for exterior I think. For indoors I like a little tree. Tall stem and busy on the top.

Fiddle Figs are originally from Western and Central Africa. If you get one from a nursery to be placed indoors it will be a good idea make sure they get fresh air and enough light. They don’t really need direct sun but ‘don’t put baby in a dark corner’.

  • Rotate the pot so it doesn’t grow sideways.
  • Water them once a week and check them out to make sure they are healthy, green and firm.
  • If the weather gets a bit dry, also spray them once a week
  • They grow very slow so don’t expect new leaves very often
  • Clean the dust on the leaves with a wet cloths every once in a while
  • You can also shine them with 2 drops of coconut oil on a cloth. It’s like magic

A nice planter and a fiddle fig  will make your house look a bit more like an interior decor magazine! I love the basket plantes and also the mid-century elevated ones.

2- Swiss cheese plant – Monstera Delisiosa

Monstera leaves are super tropical and very popular these days. From cushions to bikinis to rompers. You will find these tropical prints on everything these days. Definitely another trendy plant.


image via Pinterest // B E N T H O M A S

I’m getting one these purely for sentimental reasons. My parents always had a few of these at home, and they are really monstrous! The must be at least as old as me because I always remember them around. Mine is a young small one because they take a lot of space. they grow in all directions. Even in the dry Mediterranean weather.

Monstera Deliciosa is originally from South America. The leaves are shaped like that to survive torrential rain and strong winds in the rainforest. Without them they would break.


Image from @pistilsnursery

  • Monster leaves means that you definitely need to elevate it, because they spread in all directions. I love they way the one on the first photo is just sitting on a stool.
  • If it starts growing aerial roots pull them and dig them in the pot. You probably need a bigger pot if this goes out of control.  It happens mostly in older plants.
  • In the tropics you can keep them outdoors but they are very good indoor winter plants too.
  • Do not give them too many hours of direct sunlight. Put them near a window but not facing south and better if they are sheltered by a wall. These plants are from the bottom of the rain forest. The corners will become dry and brown when they get sun burnt.
  • Water once a week. The more sun they get the greener and bigger the leaves will be, and the more holes they will have.

3- Snake plants -Sansevieria

Also called Mother in law’s tongue. (no idea where the name comes from) These very flashy plants require hardly any attention. They grow without much light so they can go to decorate those dark corners. They also don’t need much water. A bit every two weeks does the job. I have one at my parents place that I bought in Ikea many many years ago. it doesn’t grow much but It’s still standing.


4- Rubber plant – Ficus Elastica

My Ficus is the ONLY plant I have managed to keep alive for the last 8 years in Singapore. Orchids, palms, cactus… anything else, I have killed. My old friend is a survivor that made it through long periods of neglect.

The movers severely damaged it in the last relocation, but it’s still going to make it through. Out of the 3 original stems only one survives, but I have never reported it, or filled up the soil ,or fertilized it. Call it survival of the fittest. This thing will pretty much overcome a nuclear holocaust (together with cockroaches).


Image credit: Domino

Disclaimer!  That’s a pretty photo isn’t it? Well, I can assure you this lovely plant on top has been grown outdoors and placed there for the shoot. They trick us all the time with these things.

To get a rubber plant to look like that they need 12h a day of direct light. That’s how they look in the park next to my house, where they grow by the lake. I have never seen them looking like that anywhere else. The leaves don’t get the pink color on the back and red on the tips if you grow them indoors. Also they don’t grow so tight. This much I know from first hand experience.

I would bet this is a segment from a massive plant outdoors placed in a pot for the photo. And I would bet that It will lose that look very soon after living in this bedroom.


Image credit: Magic Dream Life

This is what a Ficus Elastica might end up looking if it doesn’t get enough light. Smaller leaves, more separate, lighter shade of green and sides of the leaves cascading down. My old friend has segments like this.  BTW the chaotic growth is very natural too.


5- Palms, and all the members of the family

Resort feeling? Check. Easy to keep? Check. Widely available? Check. Hundreds of options? Check What else do you want? Get a palm for your house now and the tropical holiday feeling will be instant.

These are my favorite palms. They can be very architectural or very wallpaper flower bland. I obviously like the first type better.


This one looks like it could be a Kentia. On the boring safe side.


This is either a Bird of paradise or directly a Banana tree. What a beauty!


One of the many kinds of Dracaena

How do I know if my plant is doing OK?

Here’s a few diagnosis tips for dummies. Plant diseases can make your plants look bad and ruin your resort feeling so it’s worth to watch out for them.

Sun related: Plants have a natural reaction to protect themselves from excessive sunlight. They do this by keeping leaves close together, vertically to reduce the surface of exposure. When leaves are too far apart in the stem, they are small and they lose the inward curve shape it means they need more light. When they become dry and brown on the tips, that means they are burnt from too much sun.

Water and related: When the leaves become black front the bottom it means they are rotting. When they become sad, like hanging down or thin and brittle it means they need more water.

Common pests: Watch out for these little buggers or they can destroy your oasis. The first two, aphids and cottony scales, spread easily and you will need to isolate infected plants and treat them.

Snails are much easier to spot and control. They sell these little balls you sprinkle on the pots and they dissolve them like acid. It’s disgusting but necessary if they grow a liking for your tropical leaves.


Why doing all of this?

Living in the tropics doesn’t mean living like you are on holidays. In fact the level of noise and overall sensorial over stimulation in Singapore recently started to annoy me. It’s crowded here, traffic noise everywhere, and it can get very stressing, because you don’t give your eyes and ears a goo enough break. Having that little heaven of peace and quiet in my house, with greenery, was essential for me to stay longer here.

Luckily my lovely boyfriend the Troglodyte agreed and we found the right place to do so.

With all of these tips I hope you are ready to create that space for yourself and invest in your wellness. Maybe I will get adventurous and once I graduate from these plants I will move to level 2, to slightly more delicate plants.

I will write about it don’t worry. Until then, ciao!


My experience with Menstrual Cups

Disclaimer: This might gross some people out tremendously. Click here and read my post about second weddings  if you only want to read about rainbows and ponies.


Imagine you are on a trekking trip in India. You get caught up in the rain in the middle of nowhere and find shelter in a shepherd’s shack for the night. You get into your sleeping bag… and then your period comes. Boom! Your period never misses any of your trips. That was the claim in a famous pads advert from the 90s in Spain. It was in this context that I found out about menstrual cups.


(SHORTCUT – Cut the crap and take me to the pros and cons)

My friend that likes that kind of a trip (did you really think for a moment that was me? 😉 told me that she used to travel with millions of tampons until she discovered menstrual cups. Nowadays they are more less everywhere, but 8 years ago this was REVOLUTIONARY.

Compare menstruales cups at ordered one immediately. My poor mother had to go a remote herbal remedies pharmacy to get it, because they were not available in Singapore or anywhere nearby her home in Spain. Remember E-commerce was not great back then.

Now, before I start ranting about my experience with menstrual cups I have to say that I have not used anything else ever since, but It was not love at first sigh. It was very far from that. Menstrual cups are gross, there’s no other way to put it. It’s just disgusting but they are a game changer and people don’t talk much about them.

I’m writing this because I recently found out that 8 years later, still people don’t know as much about them as I thought. I have friends that don’t know anybody that uses them except me. They looked at my like I have three heads when I told them. So here’s to them, for education and entertainment. There are good things about them and also bad things. So let’s continue.


The box finally arrived, and it was all very cute! With the little pouch and all. Then I opened it with the excitement of a child at Christmas… and I freaked out completely. Jesus! It was huge! How am I going to put that on? It’s massive compared to a tampon.


Then I remembered when my first period came. How I used to tell my mother I would never, ever, ever, EVER use tampons because I didn’t want to put a rocket up my VJ. (exact quote) I was 12 then. It was August in Spain and by my second period I was begging for them.

My mother must have been very proud of me that day. She thinks of tampons as tools for the liberation of women. She proudly tells how she used to buy them secretly and sneak them in the house, so my grandma wouldn’t notice. It’s hard to think of it as a some sort of forbidden item nowadays, but this is a true story. Now I think of Menstrual Cups in the same way my mother thinks about tampons. They are #girlpower providers that people still keep secret. ENOUGH!

Back to the day I got mi first Menstrual Cup. When I saw that the box it was a size 1, and that there’s an EVEN bigger size 2(if you had given birth naturally) I freaked out a little more and broke into some sort of nervous psycho laughter. I was home alone luckily.

At that very moment my Pros and Cons list of having a C sections just got its first entry on the Pros side. My motherly instincts vanished instantly. I must lave looked a bit like this:


My menstrual cup lived in a drawer for a few months. When I showed it to my family and close friends they started calling it The Mug, instead of The Cup. (it’s big) But I bought it and I was determined to try it. So I put myself together at some point and went on to give it a go.

I read the manual int he cute little box and found how it actually works: You have to fold it and insert it, like the picture below. Ahh… that makes sense.

divacup5Really? HA, Ha, and ha!  As if it was that simple.

Firstly, the thing is not that soft, I needed all my fingers to hold it closed like the photo. Secondly you forget about the fact that our guts are all squishy inside and like to change shape (call it air and food in processing).

I made it as far as to hold it in a U shape with one hand. Then I remembered what the gyne says when you have a vaginal ultrasound: push out so that it comes in. It worked. It went in and popped up open,  but I still had the tip coming out of my down under.

You are not supposed to feel this thing at all and I feel like I was delivering a silicone made alien. It’s a bit like when you get braces. They are really tiny but they feel gigantic in your mouth.

At this point an image came to my mind. An image from Thailand’s infamous ping pong shows. I held my breath like if doing that will remove the visual, and just pushed further in with two fingers. It doesn’t move much but I don’t feel it anymore so I let it be.

Big and loud EEW at that moment!! I think I got my first crow’s feet that day. The expression of EEW on my face remained there the entire day, until I went to sleep.


You may think, oh she’s just a drama queen. That was just the first impression and now it’s all going to be fine. Warning! NO. That’s not the case. At the end of so much hassle It didn’t work, and leaked all day and I had to use panty liners.

It was time to ask my friend who is into trekking and camping in India about the actual way of using this. The answer: You have to wiggle it upwards until it finds its spot. Menstrual cups are made to fit in a particular place where they settle, and then they don’t move. At all. If you wiggle a bit before releasing the grip it goes there to that sweet spot.

For a moment I imagine doing this, behind a bush, under the rain, in India. My admiration for my friend grows even bigger.

This time it works, but at the end of the day I have to face taking it off. It’s time to remove the cup and reveal what happens in there. This is one of the weirdest feelings I have ever experienced. The secret to such an effective period blocker is basically that the cup works like a sucker (Gross alert!)  So you have to pull it out from that little tube that works as a string. Until it pops, it makes THAT noise,  and then you pour the contents out in the toilet.

Bloody messy menstrual cup

Very mild version of it actually looks like. So mild, this is probably ketchup not blood.

Sometimes the little bugger gets a stuck and you have to put the fingers inside the VJ again, and squeeze it to let some air in. Eew Eew and Eew! If that was not enough, what get collected in there is thick as shit. Soooo heavy it sinks to the bottom of the toilet like crude oil when you pour it . I always thought I would have way much more blood than that though. But at the end of the day this is just the liquid, the not a compressed piece of cotton soaked with part of it. Menstrual fluid also has a high level of viscosity. That makes it stick to the bottom of the toilet, so make sure you flush properly.. and watch out for splashes.

In summary, it’s a bloody mess. Not for you if you can’t take that sort of thing. You had enough Gross alerts and escape buttons so don’t tell me you were not warned.


The truth is that after the initial disappointment I become an evangelist of Menstrual Cups. And this happened in a matter of days. The advantages are just smashing. No smell no leaks no mess no nothing!  It’s really life changing .

Remember again I live in the tropics, where it’s hot and humid ALL THE TIME. Bacteria thrives here and Brazilian Waxing is a first necessity. A Menstrual cup has made its way to second l on this list, right after waxing the down under. You just forget you have your period. That’s how good it is.


I told all my friends at the time about my new discovery. I had to! It was socially responsible to do so!  I got many shocked faces and eews, but that was 8 years ago. I thought people were over the hype now. So I had to write a post in the blog about menstrual cups and continue my evangelic mission, but with a big dose of reality.

This goes out to all skepticals out there: Ladies!!! It really is super comfortable and a great period experience! Try it! Join the  #putacupnit movement!


Forget about smells, about leaks, about being conscious when having your period. Forget about carrying emergency kits of liners pads and tampons everywhere you do. You only need to keep it clean and ready. Put it on as soon as you start spotting, and empty it in the morning and in the evening. That means you can do it at home.

Menstrual cups have actually beenarticles_the_history_of_the_menstrual_cup_345x214 around since 1937. So it’s tome to get an upgrade ladies. You can learn more about the history of menstrual cups here.

Getting rid of pads and tampons is so great that I often forget I’m wearing my menstrual cup. Yes you read well! I forget I have my period (gross alert!) so I forget I have my cup inside.

I take it off a few days later, when I remember, or when it’s ful and it leaks. Come on now… cut me some slack. I’m sure I’m not alone in the world. It only leaks when it’s full and I don’t bleed much, I’m sure you heard a million stories of people that lose tampons in there so there had to be something along the lines with this method.

It’s not 100% sure you don’t need to empty it before the evening. If it happens that you need to empty your cup you when out of home, you have two options:

  • Go to the nearest disabled bathroom. It usually has a basin and toilet the same room. Then you can calmly wash your cup with soap and put it back on. Wash and wipe the basin afterwards please.
  • In a normal toilet cubicle the operation is a bit more delicate. You would need to empty the cup in the toilet (Gross alert again! Press escape button to read about flowers instead) throw your menstrual flow in the toiler, wipe the cup with some toilet paper (in and out) and put it back inside your VJ.

Needless to say that both options require thorough hand wash before and after. In case you were wondering, my friend in the bushes uses gallons of hand sanitizer.

Thanks for making it this far!

If at this point you are convinced. Clink here to buy yours in Singapore for S$42. From my favorite online market place, Carousell.


After the honeymoon period, there comes the moment in every relationship to have ‘that’ conversation. In this case it goes a bit like this: ‘My darling cup, you look old an ugly and it’s only been 8 months. I boiled you and washed you thoroughly after each period. I even used cotton buds to go through the holes and remove the bits there. It didn’t matter, you got all stained and stubborn anyway. I don’t feel so hygienic putting you in my insides anymore. I’m upset’.


Horribly stained menstrual cup. Very realistic depiction of what it can look like.

It says in the instructions manual that you need to get a new cup after a year of use. What? I spent 35 euros in this gadget and it suddenly didn’t look so pretty or so economical anymore, although it does continue to be eco-friendly.

I would have used 120 tampons in that time if I didn’t have the cup. That’s 33 euros plus 3 euros liners. The math is not good here, and I’m not a genius at it.

By this time my sister was already using it. She’s quite crafty so I asked her how she cleaned it.  She told me she soaks it in water with a bit of bleach overnight. Then brushes it with a tooth brush and more bleach in soapy water. Finally she boils it before using it again. Her cup always looks like new, but I conclude she has too much free time and I’m not going to go to such extreme for a piece of silicone. I’m not friends with bleach either. The bad thing is that there’s no way I’m going back to tampons at this point.  I end up buying a new one.


At the end of the day it all worked out for me and my cup. I have there cups now. One Lady cup and two Iris cups. I had a fourth one but it disintegrated. My trekking friend told me it happened to her twice, and she’s not alone. If you boil you cup and you forget the stove is on it just vanishes.

Mine literally melted at the bottom of the pot . So learn from us. Boil your cup, but use a timer. Both cup and pot were ruined of course. I have to admit I was furious with myself at the moment for being so absent minded. The cup is not cheap and the put was a very fancy WMF I bought to warm up milk during my ‘no microwave’ phase.

This is how menstrual cups have aged. You can see the different gradients of staining.


The first one is 8 years old. It has never been bleached but it didn’t stain that badly. It has hardened with the years making it more difficult to handle. It’s the emergency cup now. I wonder if this happens to cosmetic silicon implants too… ouch!

I got my sister to wash the second one with ‘her method’ and eventually it stained again anyway. It’s my fault actually. After being washed I kept it in a dark colored pouch and it became stained with that material straight away. Another lesson learnt, use the right pouch.

The third one less that a year old. It’s the ‘new one’ but it’s already beginning  stain. I’m currently trying the baking soda cleaning method to see if it works but I think this is just another bunch of internet BS. It just doesn’t do anything to the stains and I find it hard to believe it actually cleans.

My beautiful bowl is from Reaching Out Vietnam – Hoi An

Conclusion? The stains don’t really affect the use, but they are ugly and make the experience look even more disgusting. As long as you boil it, sterilize it, you are fine, but my next menstrual cup it will be… a brown one! EUREKA! I found the perfect solutions to avoid stains. Out of sight out of mind! This one is called The Keeper cup and I really get the name. It’s latex no silicone so not good if you have latex allergy.


You are a keeper!

So here they are, the pros and cons of menstrual cups based on my experience:


  • No need to carry anything
  • No SST
  • No waste
  • No leaks
  • No smell
  • Muslim friendly ( I’m pro inclusion!)
  • Last longers than tampons


  • Putting it in is tricky. You need to try a few times and learn how to place it
  • Taking it out is gross. I don’t need to elaborate much on this.
  • It gets stained and looks dirty even when clean.
  • You can’t do pretzel Yoga poses with it. You will feel it and its weird. It can even feel a bit painful.

I insist. It’s life changing and I encourage everyone to give it a try and get over the EEWs. It’s time to reduce waste and get a bit more freedom.

Until next time!
Have a happy period!



Happy VJs – Image from

Yoga Capsule Wardrobe

Make your essential Yoga Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t need excuses to go shopping, but I still make them anyway.

The first thing I did after signing up for my Yoga Teacher Training Course was (of course) to make sure I have enough Yoga clothes to make it through the course in style. I went to my Yoga drawer to do a stock inventory and I found that I had a few good pieces…  but I did not have 5 full Yoga specific outfits to make it through the week.

Heavens! I had to go shopping! #firstworldproblems

(SHORTCUT – cut the crap and take me to the list)

You could say I have my priorities right… or not. Honestly, a bit of vanity is not incompatible with Yoga. Keep in mind I also had to look like a reputable Yoga Teacher after the course, so the expense was more than justified.

It was, It is important that they are Yoga specific outfits. The other stuff in the drawer had been abandoned years ago because it just doesn’t do the job so well. If you are not convinced about this yet have a look at my post “Why having good Yoga clothes is important“.

But before going shopping I had to do a small little eco-friendly ritual I have. Send the old pieces to Salvation Army. For everything new that comes in, something I have not worn in a long time has to go. Ok, that’s it, now I’m ready to hit the mall.

WARNING! Shopping for Yoga clothes is a bit like going to the candy shop!

They are all so pretty! Your eyes start widening and glistering… The bright colors, the patterns, straps here, straps there… and that’s how I ended up with and impossible mix of prints and pinks. I had to plan in advance this time. I had to first find out what I actually needed. That’s why I came up with my Yoga Capsule Wardrobe.  I went shopping only for the pieces I was missing. This way you stay focused and make smarter choices. Personally I needed some basics.

Yoga Capsule Wardrobe

Yoga Capsule Wardrobe

This selection has 13 pieces will give you enough to survive the week of TT, and set a base of sanity for future visits to candy store.

From top to bottom: The first three leggings are all Luluemon. The nude top is from Cotton On Body Active. On the second set, the fucsia top is my beloved Scoop Tank from Lululemon again. Strappy bra model is Free to be Serene, The navy bra+tank is too old for me to remember. Leggings are Liquido Active.  On the third group: striped top from Cotton on Body Active, black tank from Forever 21, white tank from Gap Fit, purple leggings from Lululemon and maroon soft bra from Forever 21.

Ideas to make your own Essential Yoga Capsule Wardrobe.
13 pieces, 5 outfits.

You might wonder…Why five outfits?  It’s for ecological reasons. I do laundry once a week only, with a full load. So I needed one set for each day of the week of TT.  If you are not in my position you probably need less.

An Essential Yoga Capsule Wardrobe should contain 80% basics

It should have pieces that you can easily combine with each other, and it should have variety as well. For example on the length of the leggings and the shapes of the tops.

My selection contains:

      • 5 Leggings: Black, block color, grey, black and white, and one with a funky print.

Crop, long, extra long and 7/8. I live in Asia, where people tend to be more modest and very few wear shorts and crops for Yoga. Even back home, I do not think I would wear shorts for yoga, so they are excluded from my list. Sorry!

      • 5 Top combos:

2 tops with built-in bra: One with thick straps, one with thin straps.  Thick straps and built in bras are better for vinyasa classes, where you sweat more, move more and need more support.

3 bras: One neutral, one dark, one bright. One soft, one strong, one strappy and fashionable.

3 tank tops: One white, one black, one striped. They will go well with any bra and with most of the leggings. You will need change one of the tanks for short sleeved t-shirt here if you do Aerial Yoga, to avoid rubbing from the hammock.

How to pick the right clothes for your Essential Yoga Wardrobe

1- The must-have Yoga leggings

The first thing you need is a good pair of black leggings. That’s a basic essential. A minimum requirement. I would make that a pair of Lululemon High Times pants. Long and high waist. Thicker or thinner depending on the weather where you live.  They are so worth the money. Just as much as buying a good yoga mat (more about this in my last post) You can always get them on sale or even consider second hand. Good Yoga clothes are meant to last so they stay in good condition for long. I buy second hand often myself.

All sorts of neon tops that are so trendy right now will go well with back leggings if that’s your thing.  Personally I’m more into deeper or pastel shades.

If you like to spice it up go for black leggings with mesh windows, extra long legs, ombre ankles or pants that come with some texture.

You also need something a little softer. Light or dark grey leggings. Plain, with salt and pepper pattern, or any other small self print. See below. You can use them as normal clothes too. Expense justified right there! More about this in my next post.

I also recommend having one block color that’s easy to match.  Navy blue, dark green, maroon or purple. The tanks in the capsule wardrobe will go well with any of these.

Finally, you need oneblack and white print. Monochrome is always safe and easy to play with.  If I could get my hands on those feather leggings from LuLaRoe… they seem to be sold out everywhere online!

Once you have the basics covered you can indulge yourself with the funky prints. Oh the prints! My weakness! You need only one for the Yoga Capsule Wardrobe, but they are difficult to resist. Beware you can become a Liquido Active junkie like me,  and that comes with an additional set of matching tops, so you are warned… 😉

Here are my favorite prints from the Brazilian brand. They have a unique combination of materials that make them the softest thing you’ll ever wear. On top of that, I think they are just art stamped on Lycra. I confess I actually have most of these. From Pure Yoga or Carousell.  I’m now teaching Yoga full time, and make two or three outfits changes per day,so I do need more than just a capsule wardrobe. Stay focused!

2- What you should know about Yoga tops

You have two choices: Built in bra, or separate bra and tank top. Actually there are three options. Now they make tops that look like two pieces but they are stitched together.

4532d8592b893dcc3116fbb5336e0e61 I have a couple of those and I always get tangled getting in and out of them. I don’t think I will buy more. They also expose a bit too much of my back fat rolls.

That said, this little number from Vivre Active is VERY very nice. They are on the “maybe, one day, if the rolls go away” list.

THE TANKS WITH BUILT IN BRAS – Getting into a yoga tank top with a built in bra requires strength, and patience! It’s not easy and they seem to make them more complicated by the year. Will we end up wrapped in bandages?

All these Lululemon options below have good bras, good support  performance. The brand offers 15% discount for Yoga Teachers worldwide. Even on top of an already discounted item so that makes them more attractive even.

  • The first on is a body-con model. Watch our for this. For me this is a complete nightmare to get into. Looks fab, but when you are in a rush… go for the next one. I just didn’t read the fine print on the label that said it is a body-con model when I bought mine. I was too distracted with the white and grey snake print.
  • The second one is a newer and finer version of the fabulous Scoop Tank. The scoop tank remains my all time favorite Yoga top. Even if it’s discontinued, I buy them on eBay. It’s a ‘hassle free, don’t worry be happy’ top. Keeps everything in place, nothing shows, soaks all the sweat.
  • The last one is sort of loose at the bottom. I have one that looks like this and it feels a bit like maternity top. This cut works better with decently breasted women, and I’m in the ‘barely anything there’ category. It’s good to keep for the future…  It looks flowly and graceful in Barre classes but I don’t use it for Yoga unless I’m teaching Prenatal.

The Y tank (below) is probable the most popular design by Lululemon, and it’s iconic. My first ever Yoga top was one of these. It’s 7 years old and in mint condition. This is definitely a winner in the basics category so it deserves a special mention.

THE BRAS – The poor things… most people just hate them.

For people that love wearing unwired unpadded bras, a sports bra is a horrible torture device. People that can’t live without full nipple coverage, pads and proper structure find that Yoga Bras are flattening and unflattering.

A sports bra is for what is is, but the most important thing is to put it on properly.

Side note:

When I started wearing Yoga bras much more than regular ones, I noticed that my armpits and all the area around them started accumulating fat. I was getting slimmer everywhere else except there.

My masseur told me one day (to my utter shock) that it was actually tissue spreading out from my breasts! There’s no emoji to describe my face and the begging that came later to change my massage to a boob fixing massage straight away. It’s the same phenomena that occurs when you wear a bra size that’s too small for you. You end up covering only the main part of the gland with the bra cup and pushing the rest to the side.

I have noticed since then that this happens to a lot of Yoga teachers.  To prevent or correct this this you must pull the flesh under your armpits inwards, towards the outer side of your breasts, and make sure the bra holds it there.  Re-adjust as often as needed (not in the middle class …)

Also, try to wear wear normal bras that have a wide enough band to do the same and hold it in place. Else you will do and undo the the job all the time. Consistency is the key.

Back to the topic. The first two bras below are from Lululemon. The last one is one of me favorites, from Forever 21. They make inexpensive and very soft bras. They are so comfortable and affordable that I have a few. I buy one size smaller than mine to add a bit more support. Low Impact – Y-Back Sports Bra

Yoga bras are meant to be shown or to peak from the top, so don’t be shy with the colors or textures. Do not buy a white bra. It looks too much like underwear and they don’t remain white for long, lets be honest.

THE TANKS – Honestly, this is a loose category. You could wear any tank you have on top of a sports bra. Cotton, Lycra or any material does the job because they will always have enough flesh exposed to evaporate sweat. But there’s a difference between normal exercise tops and Yoga tops.

Tank tops that are specific for Yoga have a thicker but lighter texture. a bit like a sponge. That makes them stick to the leggings and stay put. They don’t move from there so there’s no accidental reveal of flesh.

Unfortunately very few brands make these kind of sticky top. So all the ones below are from Lululemon and Pure Apparel. I think Old Navy does but it’s not available in Singapore.

A running or fitness tank top can be used for Yoga too. But watch out for two things.  I found this ‘so called’ active top in Cotton On COAR the other day (first one below) to match some patterned legging I have and It was a big disappointment. Instead of evaporating my sweat, it soaked it all. The top became heavy and swang back and forth, dripping for the entire class.

Interestingly, the basic tanks from sister brand Cotton On Body (second) are really the solution to all my matching problems. A complete super start of tank tops! The third one is a very pretty Lululemon essential tank in Tiger Space Dye Black White. The little pleat on the back drives me crazy. This is a hybrid. It stays in place but it’s not fitting. They do miracles at Lululemon.

THAT’S it for now. I hope this guide is useful for choosing your Essential Yoga Capsule Wardrobe, and that you learnt a thing or two about Yoga clothes. Feel free to comment and give feedback!

Coming up shortly: How to wear Yoga Clothes all day and look glamorous.

Until then, NAMASTE!

Why having good Yoga clothes is important, and where to buy them in Singapore

I get it all the time: ‘Oh you have such nice Yoga outfits, but Yoga clothes are so expensive!’ First, thanks! Second, yeah I hear you!

Yoga clothes are my work clothes, so It’s something worth investing on for me, but they do cost a fortune. That said, I think it’s pretty important you have appropriate clothing as a Yoga Practitioner too. That’s why I’ decided to write this for my students.

As a Yoga teacher, on a busy day I would use 4 changes of clothes. The Essential Yoga Capsule Wardrobe I made for my Teachers Training will not even last a couple of days but have a look there for inspiration.

 (SHORTCUT – cut the crap take me to the list)

A bit of background- Traditionally in India Yoga is practiced in loose cotton clothing that covers the entire body. You know what? That’s pretty much the clothes they wear on a regular basis so no hooha here.


Image from

From a Western perspective this is not a really comfortable attire. It’s not even necessary to cover yourself so much, even more when the weather is hot. I had to do Yoga in this type of clothing called Salwar while I was in Rishikesh, India, because it was compulsory. I did it with respect and pleasure but I was hot, soaked, tangled and at moments frustrated.

I now understand why famous men yogis are always nearly naked, but that’s not allowed for women, right?  I will not go on with the topic of discrimination this time, but I shall continue to write from my own perspective, because that’s why this is my blog 😉 hehehe.


BKS Iyengar – Nearly always on speedos

Is it worth investing in good Yoga gear?

The answer is YES.

Even when you are not a Yoga Teacher? Still Yes.

I am known for lecturing my fellow Yogis (and now students) about the importance of having appropriate Yoga specific clothes and gear. They are expensive, but they are worth it. I wrote all this to explain why.

But before we start, look at the photo of Iyengar again. Now imagine the seam of your shorts cutting through the flesh of your groin… or worse even… the stitching bursting open in the class (based on a true story). You should have at least one set. I rest my case.

On the Eco side of things, buying cheap and cheerful comes at a price for the environment.  Disposable clothing from big chains generate consumption and also more rubbish in the dumps.


What’s so special about Yoga clothes?

Yoga clothes are adapted to the needs and requirements of the practice, and they need to be good quality to endure it. That all comes at a price. When you start you obviously don’t want to make an investment in case you and Yoga don’t along, but once you have regular practice you will notice that there’s a difference. A big one.


The leggings need to stretch 4 ways so that they don’t squeeze anywhere, in any posture. If that’s not the case they will pull or dig into your flesh when you pretzel yourself. The stitching might even end up coming off. This is based on a true story. I have hear that tearing noise in class before.

The definition of Asana = Yoga posture by old sage Patanjali, is to be at ease. One can’t not be at ease when uncomfortable. The leggings also need to be high rise and have a wide waist band. They sit nicely on top of your hips, and don’t slip down showing your underwear. This also avoids the famous muffin top effect.


Here’s Lena Dunham having a laugh about the muffin top effect. ( )

They need to be completely opaque too. I will never forget the face of my students when I mentioned that I could see their underwear in downward dog sometimes because their leggings are sheer… Thank god that’s an only women group and they have a sense of humor.


Yes, that’s pretty much what it looks like 😉 Image from Photobuket

Most importantly, your Yoga pants need to breeze. You will sweat, a lot,  and if your leggings don’t help evaporate the sweat or the fabric is too synthetic, you will cook in your own juices. When we do Yoga we release toxins in the sweat from the internal organs. It’s not just sweat. This can also give you rashes, itchiness, pimples or even make you feel suffocated and unwell. My advice is go cheap on the tops if you need to because they only cover you torso and the rest is aired, but invest in good bottoms.


Lululemon Align pants are the lightest and more breathable of their range. They are so soft they feel like you are not wearing anything… but they are 100% opaque. No matter the quality, the lighter the color the more sheer possibility there will be, and the more they will show sweat. Always test in the fitting room before you buy. Do a down dog or a forward fold. Use the mirrors and your phone to check if you need to.

FOR MEN, good pants are even more important. When I did my first boys class it was with my friends’ husbands.

I was a bit conscious about ‘things’ coming out accidentally, so I told them not to wear football/basketball shorts without long fitted underpants. No running shorts, no sheer briefs no speedos. I made them wear double layer to avoid embarrassment (on my side because it seems they really couldn’t care less). There were jokes circulating on the topic for a while… but I achieved my mission.

Imagine, they would have come to class like this… Jaysus!


Image from (don’t miss this article please!)

A while ago I bought a good pair of Lululemon Yoga shorts for my dear boyfriend the Troglodyte.  They have small slits on the side, a flexible waist band, they breathe and stretch but keep things cool and in place. They even a vanity fly, and side and back pockets. All the perks! He absolutely loves them. If not so much for Yoga, they are used often as lounge wear. I think my friends’ husbands have chances of getting  a similar pair for Christmas this year. These are the latest Men Yoga Shorts from Lululemon.


Disclaimer: This is not my Dear Boyfriend the Troglodyte


Two things to be considered when buying a Yoga top. That it covers and holds the bust completely, and that it doesn’t roll down.  When going upside down you don’t want your boobs ejecting and your belly showing, right? Yoga tanks are usually made of a material that’s non slip. The top will stick to the pants and no matter what you do it will stay there. Running tops on the other hand will slip and roll down, but they are cheaper, so you can always make a fancy knot on the back like this and go on (if Lululemon says It’s cool we do it don’t we?)


They make very nice Yoga bras these days with lost of crisscross straps, but do they offer the right amount of support for you? That’s something to consider, even if you think you are not very busty. Try them on and do a test. Jump or go upside down to see if your bad boys stay in place.

Lululemon (of course) also make Yoga t-shirts for men, but they are not so essential in my opinion.  My dear boyfriend the Troglodyte has one, and he uses it to sleep only. No wonder he does! It’s the softest thing on the world! I’m afraid I’m not going to stop him from using it as PJs. No no no. It’s great to hug!

Jokes aside, for guys, a regular dry-fit t shirt or tank does the job because they can tuck it in. But for us ladies, tucking in a top when you are wearing leggings is not so cool.


Don’t forget about the mat! A good Yoga mat is a long term investment but it’s worth it. If you don’t have a good a mat you should consider buying if you are committed to your practice. Here’s why:

  • Good mats don’t disintegrate if you toe nails accidentally scratch the surface coming from downward dog to high lounge (Based on a true story).
  • They also don’t soak your sweat and stink after a few uses (no further comment needed)
  • Most importantly, they allow you to push through your hands and feet without slipping. This way you don’t fall, and you can actually do the postures properly.
  • Good Yoga mats are dense and they are heavy. This is to provide a cushion for your knees and writs, protecting the joints.

If you are new to Yoga you can get a cheaper version to start with. A lot of my students go for Gaiam premium mats. They are available in Singapore in Lazada  and in Qoo10 but think they are a bit pricey for the quality, particularly if you compare to the US prices in Amazon.

Most end up going for a 25$ mat in Cotton On Body because it’s easily available and looks a bit better than the ones in Guardian or Watsons (supermarket ones). It’s Ok… but don’t be sorry to throw it away in a month or two. That’s if you don’t get tired of picking up the debris after the class before that time.


Image from article about The Best Yoga Mats of 2017

My advice is that you consider a good Manduka or Jade Yoga mat if you are serious about your practice . These are my two favorite brands, but if you want to know more options have a look at The Best Yoga mats of 2017.

I got my first Manduka mat when Pure Yoga Singapore renewed their mats in the Orchard studio, about 7 years ago. To my delight, they decided to give away the old ones away to the students. I don’t know how old my first mat it is. I can’t imagine how many times it has been used and washed… but after one good scrub and some disinfectant it is in semi perfect condition. I’ve had it at my parent’s place since. It’s my holiday mat now. Still standing and still does the job well.

Side note: I usually just wash my mats once a week in the shower. Wiping them with mild soap and a giving them a quick rinse.

You can find Manduka Mats in Singapore in their shop in 313 Sommerset, in Isetan, in Pure Yoga and in Touch the Toes.


Image from Jade Yoga

In my opinon, Jade Yoga mats actually have better grip than Mandukas. If you have sweaty hands like me this is a game changer. Some people find them too rough though. Different people, different taste!

I also find that when Mandukas are new they have a sort of finish coat that makes them less porous. Later, after use and wash they are fine, but at first you don’t get that grip.


Credit: leena_mun

Another option if you are budget concious is to buy a travel mat and put it on top of a cheap mat. It’s basically like a rubber sheet.  The one on the left is is the Eko SuperLite from Manduka. They come in many different colors.

I find they have more grip than the normal mats and they get even more grip with use. I bought all mine second hand to ensure they are seasoned.
This is actually what I use for my classes.  I’m always on the go and I can carry them in my handbag with 1,000 other things. The downside is that I have to use small towels to protect my knees and writs because Ii doesn’t provide any cushioning at all.

Where to buy Yoga Clothes in Singapore?

This is always the next question. My rule of thumb is that if you know exactly what you want (model, brand, color, size) first check in Carousell if anybody is selling it. The amount of stuff they have in the platform is AMAZING. Finally there’s an eBay in SG that works wonders!

They have second hand as well as new stuff. There’s individuals selling and also small businesses . Look for acronyms like BNWT (brand new with tags) or BN (brand new) to describe items. I buy a lot here, new and second hand. A good wash removes all traces of the past.


  • Lululemon is probably the top brand of Yoga clothes. They have two shops in Orchard Rd, Takashimaya and Ion. They are expensive but if you are getting your first basic pair of black leggings It’s s worth the money. They will the last forever.

INSIDER TIP! They have a permanent sales rack hidden near the fitting room. Stay focused. Don’t look around! Just go for the rack. That’s the place to get some juicy discounts up to 30%. Also, Yoga teachers get 15% off even on sales items.


Lululemon sales rack in Ion Orchard – 3 March 2017 (Image:  my own)

  • Vivre active. Is a local brand with online store and shops in Wisma and Bugis Juction. They are cheaper than international brands but in quality I give it a 8/10 because not all items are there yet. Note that they have Asian sizing so expats might end up on a size much bigger than their usual. Don’t let it put you down. I love the tops but some of the leggings are not so breathable. What I love more is the initiative of setting up such a business. You can read about it here.
  • Pure apparel. In every Pure Yoga studio there’s a shop with Yoga Gear. They carry a big selection with brands like Onzie, Liquido Active and their own brand Pure Apparel. The Liquidos here fly off in a blink. So if you like something buy it or it will be gone the next day. Their own brand is of high standards and nearly as high in price as Lululemon (minus the cool/design factor most of the times). Check them out in Takashimaya, Chevron House and Asia Square. Members get 10% off.
  • Touch The Toes. They have an online shop as well as their outlet in Haji Lane. You will find brands like Teeki, Manduka. The place has the biggest range of mats and props in town. Here’s a tip if they happen to read this some time. Not having the .sg domain made me dismiss your site many times when doing online research.
  • Isetan in Shaw house has a huge sports section with Manduka, Rumi and other brands. This is more for window shopping because they mark up the prices a bit higher. Also they have all Yoga clothes from different sports brands in one single area. It might sound silly but that’s not the case in many department stores. Others that classify by brand and you have to go hopping from one to another.
  • Gap. Gap Fit is there fitness line. It’s only available in Vivo city if I remember well. They don’t have a huge range by the quality is good and the price decent. I have both leggings and tops from them and I’m very satisfied. Old navy seems to belong to the same group as Gap and have nice Yoga clothes but you can’t get them in Singapore.
  • H&M. I think It’s better to go to the cheaper shops after you have touched the good stuff, then you will be able to find the jewels hidden in the piles of hay. There’s a lot of choice. And a lot of it not good. Trust your fingertips and go for dark items that will not sheer.
  • Cotton On Body. The active wear range of the Australian brand has been a great success. I pass by the shop in Wisma often and they have new collections coming out all the time, with funky designs.  I’m not a fan of their leggings because they don’t breathe well enough for me. But go for the tops and bras without a doubt. The touch here is important too. Not all items are the same quality. Rough Yoga clothes can give you rashes if you have sensitive skin. You twist an turn in them rubbing you all the time.
  • Forever 21 has a pretty decent active wear selection. The one in Ion Orchard has all the sales items, and the ones in Vivo City and 313 Sommerset have the newer collections. . I find them quite soft to the touch but I’m not a hug fan of the black and neon trend they seem to love. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just not  their target audience…  I love their soft bras though! The low support Y bra. I would get them in every color possible.

You might be surprised not to see some usual suspects of sports clothes here. Of course brands like Reebok, Underarmour, Nike, Adidas, Puma etc have Yoga Clothes now but even these giants sometimes don’t get the basics right. The texture, the cut, the waist that doesn’t make muffin tops or move down,  the 4 way stretch… not all items meet these standards. Even Stella McCartney’s Adidas Yoga line is not always convincing to me, and it’s even more expensive than Lululemon.


Just for your information, you can buy Yoga Clothes online in the following sites. I found all online execept InZone5. I met the ladies in the last edition of Boutiques Fairs . these online but I have not tried. So I can’t give my opinion


My point is made. With some proper Yoga Clothes and a good Yoga mat, I can asure you you will enjoy the practice more. I do not get any commission out of endorsements, so I hope this really help!

Until next time, Namaste!


PS: Here’s a bit of indulgence… my Yoga outfits Pinterest board.

Brazilian waxing, yay or nay? 

Disclaimer: I’m about to reveal some pretty intimate (and hilarious) facts about my down under.
Before I decided to get rid of the bush, you could see it from outside. You could see the cushion bump when I was wearing leggings or bikinis… or at least I though you could . That was enough to hate it.

When your pubic hair is so stubborn it feels like elephant hair. The root goes down at least 5mm into the skin. If you try to tame the mane, let me tell you it pulls and it hurts like hell. The bush also makes you itchy, it makes you sweat, it serves no critical purpose and it’s not a good welcome present for whoever you invite for an oral exploration.


Once I moved to the tropics, the cushion had the days counted. Singapore’s fancy waxing joint Strip got me hooked with a package. It was too hipster and appealing to resist. First it was Brazilian Wax but after a while… IPL here we go! I successfully got rid of the cushion for life, but did I stop a single moment to think about the possible consequences? NO. Will I be cold in winter? What will I tell my future teenage daughter when she grows a virgin forest and I look like a sandy beach? Will full bushes be the sexiest thing on earth in 2030 and will look like a 12 year old? Was Samantha from SatC right?

Wait a moment! Stop right there. I have no regrets. I chopped the jungle because it was just too bloody uncomfortable. I don’t miss it. We could say it was for medical reasons. As in ‘I was on the verge of causing a psychotic episode and it had to go away’ kind of medical reasons.


Nevertheless the IPL didn’t fully work. It didn’t give me the dramatic irreversible baldness that it promised. The darkest corners of down under have too much pigment for it to work (apparently) and the roots are so deep that they can’t even see the light. Sigh… So much for my package.

But I was hooked. The bits that survived needed to be waxed, regularly. No pain no gain. Ever since I experienced what it’s like to have the softest and smoothest bit of skin between my chubby, prone to sweat, inner thighs, there was no going back.

Last month. after years practicing the Brazilian rites, the imaginable happened. I finally dawned to me. I stopped and thought: What the hell am I doing here?! All of those transcendental questions about my decision came up. It was thanks to my therapist. What is this woman doing with my delicates?!

She’s moving one leg here one fold there! Jesus Christ the Lord!  I was in shock. Maybe I had a bad day, maybe it was just her.  The ruthlessness  of my Chinese therapist woke me up. She operated with the precision and determination of a person that plucks chickens in a farm for a living. Maybe that’s what she did before ending up here. Maybe that’s why she got the job, all the way from rural China. Never mind, I was there waking up from a coma of self-consciousness feeling completely invaded and witnessing how she raided my tomb.


It had become so normal for me to have a complete stranger (woman) digging my punani that I was amazed with myself. I never had any shame of that kind, and now all I wanted is for Miss China Poultry 2015 to finish and leave me alone, to lick my mental wounds.

Nature is wise and gave us eyebrows so that blood from wounds in the head and forehead won’t get into the eyes. It gave us armpit hair to help sweat evaporate and refresh our pits, so I guess public hair had a similar purpose, to serve as some sort of protection, but it never worked for me. I had the same amount of urine infections pre and pro baldness. I’m not entirely sure we can trust mother nature anymore. Specially when the mystery of men’s nipples is still unresolved.

When my public hair first made an appearance in my life it was very uncomfortable and disturbing. We didn’t click from the start. I used to trim it. I even wanted to to relax it like black women do to control the frizz of their hair. It worked, but didn’t last.

Now the hair is growing back. It’s decision time. If I let it be, it will pull, itch and make me sweat again, but I’m not ready for another wax anytime soon, or to waste another IPL package.  I want to say bye bye to Brazilian waxing, I’m completely traumatized. Au naturel is supposed to be on, right? It’s a bit difficult for a woman that grew up in the 90s.

I wonder what would ‘Au Naturel’ queen Solange Knowls do… Probably lots of conditioner.


How to make supermarket flowers look good

If you like interior design you have probably noticed that nearly every picture of a nice living room, a bookshelf, or a dining table has a pot of fresh flowers in it. Flowers add liveliness and color to any room. You can even put them on bedside tables and bathroom counters.

I usually get flowers for the home when there’s a special occasion, but every now and then I buy inexpensive supermarket flowers just because. Flower arrangements give a touch of glamour I just can’t resist.

The good news is that they don’t have to be expensive to look good.

Not everybody has a good florist around the corner or the budget to have weekly fresh flowers delivered a-la Elton John.  Following a few easy principles you can give that high end touch to your house using supermarket flowers.

For example, the photo in the cover is a bouquet I made with 3 bunches at $4.50 each. Two dahlias in different shades of purple, and one bunch of white chrysanthemum.

Here’s a few tips to bring some flower power to your house.


1- Keep a small collection of glass vases.

Use an assortment of your own water glasses, tea cups or mugs for example. Some mineral water brands have beautiful bottles you can keep for this purpose, or you can get economical packs of simple vases in IKEA. If you spread flowers among many vases it also creates a beautiful composition. They KEY here is to trim the stems very neatly to create a clean look.

Lisianthus are  inexpensive flowers. These are available at my local supermarket


Spring decorating by with ferns instead of flowers. You can pick anything from your back yard for this.


2- Go vintage, like an English Cottage. 

An old water jar, a wooden bucket, a tin or a Harney & Sons tea can, make a wonderful flower arrangement too. If the flowers are not so fabulous, the arrangement will stand out with an original vase.


Image from Gabba Gabba Gorgeous


3- Pick your colors wisely

You can take a multi flower bouquet and separate the flowers for different rooms or spaces. Even the leaves can be used in separate vases like the example above.

Try to pick smaller single flower packs instead of ready made bouquets. They are cheaper and easier to play with. For example 3 different flowers in the same color,  two packs of two colors (white and yellow, yellow and orange, pink and purple…) or 3 shades of the same color.



Gladiolus in pastel shades.  They are a bit more expensive but they make a very dramatic effect with the long stems. Filling the room


4- Less and more.

Make a few flowers really stand out when they are lose in a big vase. Or go to the other extreme and fill the vase with lots of flowers of the same type making it very crowded. This works for big or small vases, so it all depends on your mood and your budget.


Baby’s breath an affordable and easy to find flower. You can also skip the water and let them dry. They will last forever.


I don’t know the name of these big purple puff flowers but they are $6 a bunch and look fabulous all aligned in the vase



White chrysanthemum (2 packs of $4.50) in a large vase from IKEA and voila!


How to arrange your home bouquet

  • Step 1 – Remove the leaves from about 5 centimeters below the flower to the bottom of the stem
  • Step 2 – Cut your flowers in 3 different heights, of about 3 cm difference between each other. This will help you arrange them in round shape of you are using a wide open vase
  • Step 3 – If the flowers do not quite fill the opening, cut them to approximately 15cm above the opening, so they will stick together
  • Step 4 – Arrange and re-arrange so that there’s no 2 flowers of the same kind next to each other

For the minimal look you can take inspiration from two different regions, Japan and Scandinavia.

If you trim the stems every other day and change the water frequently they can last a whole week, and then you can make another arrangement for the following week.

If one flower is getting a little stale and spoils the composition you can move to another room by itself while it lasts, to make the most of the investment.


Now you know what to do next time you go to the supermarket. Put those flowers to your trolley and enjoy the flower arranging!

Until next time.