Tips to match your outfits with your children’s

Let’s face it, deep inside we all want our kids to be like us. Like a Mini-me, an improved version of ourselves. Same features, same gestures and why not same style? While they are little and still do what we say, it’s so much fun to dress them up.

Matching parent-kid outfits are just too cute to resist. As long as it’s not unhealthy or uncomfortable for the kid and it’s done within the limits of good taste (of course) it’s a great way to bond with your kids and even encourage creativity.

Nevertheless It’s easy to get carried away. We should all keep a level of sanity when it comes to dressing our kids up. A child is an empty vessel and giving so much importance and attention to physical appearance can have a negative effect on the child. With all the body shaming going around let’s keep the head on the shoulders.

I could spend hours doing a ‘Yay -Nay’ session over the famous Instagram account Fashion Kids, where parents from all over the world submit photos of their fashionable kids to get featured. They cross the borders many times, from cute to over the top. Instead I’m going to give you a few examples and 5 easy  tips to keep it sane.

This is a ‘Nay’ for me. a Big one.


The vest, the bag, the glasses… Looking back, my own mother didn’t have much of a chance to do this. First, 30+ years ago the choices of baby clothes were limited and they certainly did not resemble adult clothes. Second, I was the kind of child that at 2 years of age asked to be picked up every morning to select what dress I would wear to kindergarten. Read: strong headed and opinionated. The one with cherries was my favorite. No chance to make me wear anything I did not approve of.

How to match parent-kid outfits tastefully

If I had a girl I would of course love to have some matching clothes. It’s fun and playful, but I would rather match subtly than having the exact same outfit in big and small size. That’s just too much to me. (more on this below).

It will be hard to resits buying all those cute little outfits to kind of match my own when you  see them in every high street shop. It’s ridiculous how adorable and overpriced they are! I would  probably need a course on how to be the Minimalistic Scandinavian mum. Still, l would fall in the trap most likely. What I would no do is dress my kid like this. Like an adult. Not even for the sake of the photo. Unless it’s Halloween of course.

Big ‘Nay’. Look at the mini LV Speedy, the gladiator sandals and the gold bangles.


Instead I would rather use similar items in adult and child version. Like this boho-chic white dress combined with tan sandals and denim jacket



If I have a boy I’m very sure he will be a mini-troglodyte rather than a mini me, but there’s no way I’m going to let those two, Big troglodyte and Baby troglodyte, go around wearing matching football jerseys. Unless they are going to a game. Over my dead body!

There will still be some level of style and matching, just because I love stylish and matching clothes. It could be with my own clothes or making use of The Troglodyte’s collection of Ted Baker flower print shirts. There will no be dressing my little boy as a preppy miniature monster or  a glorified beard-less hipster.

Nay! No way. It’s not even funny. No even the Beckham boys do this.


Another nay, nay, nay. Trying too hard I’m afraid!


It’s  a big Yay for both wearing stripes.


It’s an adorable Yay for matching swimming shorts for father and son.


 Here’s 5 quick tips to matching outfits successfully:

1- Match accessories. A cute scarf, shoes, a hat, crown of flowers or a bandana make a very nice match.



2- Match colors and prints, not cuts. Pick different dresses or pieces in the same print or color. Below you will find a few brands that sell mother – kids combos.


3- No adult like accessories, like chunky jackets necklaces and bracelets or high heeled shoes. Chances are they can’t even walk properly on them no matter how much they like them. Children play all the time and they need to be comfy to run around, and safe!

This to me is a Nay! She’s even wearing make up! I see myself in this outfit though.


4- Do not do their hair elaborately unless you are going to a wedding or something of the sort. They are not dolls. I have no comment on this one.


Nay below. Overdone. Let’s set better examples for our kids.


5- Go for brands that make adapted kid versions. You can find plenty of them online, but if you like to window shopping and have time in your hands it can be a really fun project to find matching clothes by yourself and your kids.

Yay! cute and tasteful with a playful touch


Mommy and Me collection from Bliss Tulle


Envie de Fraise – Family collection



Marisya Swim wear


You can find lots of cute Mum-Kid outfits from Australia Women’s Weekly Magazine here 

To sum up

Dressing kids like adults brings the inner child in every parent, but they are not toys ,they are little people in the middle of development and we are responsible of it. It’s not good for them to be overly exposed to a high level of importance given to external appearance. There will be enough of this toxicity from society later on that you will not be able to avoid, so better to set a good base to face that.

Parents that over do the whole ‘dressing kids like adults’ thing probably do it is a way to channel their own desires or frustrations, but at times I wonder if It’s not keeping in in mind, thinking of what’s best for the child.

Kudos to Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt for letting Shiloh wear boys clothes just because she wanted. Think of how wrecked a lot of celebrity kids become. It’s just very scary to see how some parents encourage them to grow too fast. I know it’s extreme but, Michael Jackson… Macaulay Culkin… Toddled with Tiaras…even the satire Little Miss Sunshine.

New generations like Ivy Blue, Suri Cruise or Harper Beckham are perfectly good examples of stylish kids that still look like kids. Even if they have the most expensive wardrobes you can imagine, they are not dressed to mimic their very famous and very stylish mothers.

I think that when the  moment comes for me to become a parent I’m going to become the most conservative person ever, but until then this is where I stand.

Let’s please keep a level of sanity.

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