Declaration of intentions

“I solemnly swear I’m up to no good”- Harry Potter said to activate the marauders map. While that’s not entirely true this time, I have the need to start my blog by saying that I will be posting about everything that triggers a thought, an insight, or sheer appreciation of beauty in me. I do not intent to keep a theme, but there will be categories because I’m an obsessive curator and organizer 🙂

While recovering from an annoying illness, I’m idle, looking at a rainy Singapore afternoon, with a million things in mind that prevent me from taking a much needed nap.

I have been a heavy user of Spotify,  Pinterest and Instagram for years, but why did I never grow a love for Twitter? – Because I’m a storyteller, and storytellers can’t make a long story short. In fact they don’t like to make a long story short. They indulge in the art of suspense, of unveiling insights and recalling adventures. That’s why I’m going to write a few more than 140 characters now.

I said to myself 22 days ago that 2016 is my year to shine. It’s the year 33 of my life, and to keep the numerology trend I will list 11 things that will make it easier for you to decide of you want to follow me, or not.

  1. I’m a woman, and a marketeer by profession. European and living in Asia
  2. The thing I hate the most in the world is unfairness and discrimination
  3. I find beauty and inspiration everywhere I look and many times I find myself having an idea a thought triggered by that. I will write about it.
  4. I love design. Quirky or classic, minimalist or overdone. There’s room for everything in my palette. You will see inspiration boards from fashion to art, decoration, weddings and interiors. They say out there I have good taste 😉
  5. I will not use this blog to complain. It will be my tool to turn the negative into positive
  6. Mindfulness is important to me. I always thought that I will never be an artist because I’m not capable of creation. I’m a curator. Then I realized that all elements of inspiration is out there in nature if you look with the right eyes, and creation is a mere process of curating, mixing and altering what’s already out there in a way that others have not seen before. You will be able to enjoy more of this insights if you follow me, but I might never be an artist.
  7. It’s important to add the element of fun in everything you do, like Mary Poppins said: and every task you undertake, becomes a piece of cake.
  8. Yes, I will quote movies and songs that capture words of wisdom
  9. I’m not religious but I’m spiritual, and sometime words of wisdom come from this source too. Without affiliation or any intent to preach.
  10. Endorsements. I will celebrate and praise brands that inspire me and entrepreneurs that have the courage to do their own thing and follow their passion. I will do it  because I believe in their cause.
  11. I’m not a native English speaker so please excuse in advance any possible mistake or weird sounding sentence

That’s it I think! I’m ready to rock.




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